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FORGIVENESS: Explain the meaning and significance for Christians today for the belief you have outlined

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Explain the meaning and significance for Christians today for the belief you have outlined Forgiveness is a huge part of life today, not just for Christians, but for many others as well. For Christians though, forgiveness has a purpose and a meaning. When Jesus died on the cross, he died in order to forgive humanity of its sins. God sacrificed his own son, in order to be able to forgive us. He set an example for the future generations, to forgive. He always forgave, and Christianity follows his teachings in which he stressed that people that they had to be ready and willing to forgive to be forgiven yourself. People do not take their lives in order to forgive or be forgiven, but they practice the act of forgiveness on a daily basis. They forgive people in daily life, may it be at work with clients and work colleagues or at home with children. ...read more.


People ask them for forgiveness and God through the Priest forgives them. Many go to baptisms in their Christian lives, another example of the practice of forgiving. Children are born with original sin, and are baptized when young for this original sin to be forgiven by God. People are often baptized again when old enough to decide that they wish to be. A believers baptism. People are forgiven of sins that they may have committed during their life. No matter what, god always forgives them. Before Christians are able to enter heaven, they must be forgiven. Jesus' life was a perfect one. He committed no sin, yet suffered for ours. When we die, we nearly always die with sin, simply not following nine out of the Ten Commandments, means that you have sinned. If I am honest, I have followed only two or three of the Ten Commandments, so I have sinned really quite a lot. ...read more.


The murderer cold-heartedly fired anyway, killing the woman. Sydna Masse was a neighbour of the murdered woman. When she heard about the killing, she responded with hate and rage. Eventually, she turned to the bible, reading Jesus' teachings about forgiveness, such as the prodigal son and the unmerciful servant. In spite of her reluctance, Sydna finally acquiesced and wrote a carefully worded letter to Jennifer (the murderer), expressing her forgiveness. She was caught by surprise by what happened inside her. As soon as Sydna dropped the letter into the mail, "a weight lifted. I felt like I was losing 20 pounds. That's when I learned that anger, bitterness, and not forgiving keeps you from experiencing the depths of joy." This is just one example of a Christian woman who followed the teachings of Christ, and forgave someone for a terrible act, and felt so much better for it. Christ suffered for us, in order for God to forgive us so that we can not suffer in hell. We forgive others, following the example of Jesus and ultimately God. ...read more.

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