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Fountains Abbey

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Fountains Abbey Introduction: The monks that originally set up at Fountains Abbey at Ripon in West Yorkshire were Benedictine monks. They left York as they felt that their lives had become too comfortable. They felt that they had strayed from their original values. There were three different types of monks: * Benedictine * Cistercian * Arthurian Benedictine monks were less strict than the Cistercians and the Malthusians. They tended to be based in towns and were popular with the local people. The Cistercians were very strict and disciplined, they believed in living a harsh life with no luxuries or possessions, like Jesus was supposed to have lived. ...read more.


They should also drain any bogs or marshes in order to reclaim the land and use it of purposes such as farming in which they could get enough money for food for the monks. The place where they moved near Ripon was good to settle because it had a river and plenty of wood from which to build wooden huts for the monks to sleep in. The new Cistercian monks had to take three vows, which were: * Chastity * Poverty * Obedience Chastity is to abstain from sex, to have no possessions and money, and to remain obedient to God. ...read more.


These monks worked on the land, looking after the sheep, they weren't well educated and were normally illiterate. They also attended the same amount of church services as the Choir monks, which were usually eight services a day. The wool industry was the main industry back when monks inhabited Fountains Abbey. The monks started making large amounts of money from the sheep and they employed local builders to build the monastery. One of the monks' original values was to decorate their churches plainly, and worship God without needing decorative things. The monks strayed from this value because they built the church with marble columns, a tower was also built, and the glorification of god was evident through the architecture. ...read more.

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