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"Freedom Of Choice Regarding Abortion Benefits No-One" Discuss

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"Freedom Of Choice Regarding Abortion Benefits No-One" Discuss Although I haven't completely studied in depth the pros and cons of abortion, before going any further I would like to state that I am Pro-Life, my opinion of abortion is that it is immoral and unjust. In Northern Ireland abortion is illegal. In order to have an abortion you must travel to another country where abortion is legal so that it can be carried out. As there are no abortions in Northern Ireland, I have gathered some statistics from mainland Britain where abortions are legal and people from Northern Ireland may travel here to have abortions. In Scotland in 2001 the number of abortions in girls under sixteen was 276, which was 2.3% of the total amount. The amount of abortions carried out on teenagers was 2,987, which was 24.7% of the total amount of abortions. 5747 abortions were carried out on women in their twenties which was 47.7% of the total. The amount carried out on women aged twenty to twenty four was 3439, which was 28.5% of the total amount of abortions carried out. ...read more.


This is a suction implement, which tears the baby apart. Afterwards they crush the head. Another method would be by using a "sharp-toothed pliers-like instrument" to tear pieces of the baby away. This happens without any anaesthetic and there is a lot of bleeding. Sometimes the doctor who carries it out will dilate the mother's cervix and cut the child to pieces with a curette knife. In my opinion, the cruellest way to carry out an abortion is a hysterotomy. This is like a caesarean section, the child, after being removed, is left to die in a bucket. They are moving breathing children and sometimes, some will even cry. Because abortion is not available in Northern Ireland, the rate is not very high, however, if abortion were available in Northern Ireland then the rate would be most likely to soar because if it was available then people would feel the need to take advantage of this option as it would be easier considering the woman would no longer have to travel to England or Scotland for their abortions. ...read more.


By saying the foetus isn't a person doesn't make it so. Does this mean then that the mother shouldn't have any feelings about the life that has been removed from her womb? If this life is not a person then why do a lot of mothers suffer from guilt after aborting it? Abortion isn't the only way out, so why perform it? It is such a traumatic experience and many women experience guilt and depression afterwards. It can damage the reproductive system and leave the woman infertile. Countries with a high abortion rate often have a high suicide rate as well as a high infant mortality rate. Adoption is another option. At least this way the child has a chance to live. It still means carrying the baby and going through childbirth but it would be worth it to know that this child was given a chance to live unlike many aborted babies. Looking back on this essay I would say that my opinion has stayed the same, I remain to be Pro-Life. I completely oppose abortion no matter what the circumstances. Every child has a right to live. Fionnuala McGlinchey 4E ...read more.

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