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From a study of British history, can we say that Britain is a racially tolerant country? A tolerant question by Colin Holmes, addresses the same issue, do you agree with his interpretations.

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From a study of British history, can we say that Britain is a racially tolerant country? A tolerant question by Colin Holmes, addresses the same issue, do you agree with his interpretations. Britain had shown many forms of racism during the 19th century. Britain had done very little with the racial discrimination problems, until 1965. The lack of action taken on the racial discrimination of immigrants in Britain was due to, the politicians not wanting to upset the white voters as many of them supported discrimination against Afro - Caribbean and Asian people in terms of employment. Also, the people in general were oblivious to the fact that those, of ethnic minority were being discriminated against. The fact that government were busy implementing the reforms urged by Beveridge on health, housing, social security and education. Racism is discriminating against someone because of their skin colour. The University of Sheffield is where Colin Holmes was a history lecturer. He has written many publications on the history of immigration and minority groups. ...read more.


This is not true as many other countries such as France and Germany were in the same situation. There are many ways in which people can be racism; there were more sophisticated forms of racism in other countries rather than in Britain. There had been more extreme cases of racism in other countries and Britain had seemed more racially tolerant rather than other countries. Source B, a picture of Russians beating a Jewish man. This source shows the dislike the Russians had for the Jews. The picture shows how many people went out of their way to beat up one Jew. Also depends on the strong hatred for the Jews. The discrimination of Jews went on for a very long time. This source was illustrated after a pogrom in Kiev in 1881.This source is not necessarily reliable as it is an image of the event, which may have been exaggerated. Most of the discrimination had been towards the black race in Britain. ...read more.


Source D shows that Britain had provided many jobs for immigrants over the years. It has not taken into account their nationality and religion as Britain tried to encourage their own way of life into that of the immigrant'. Britain had offered jobs to the immigrants so it is therefore important for them to integrate themselves into this society. Immigrants have to make an effort to integrate into society. The British society has also developed as immigrants have religious freedom. Every year there is a Vaisakhi march celebrating the Sikh festival in Southall, with the police keeping everything in order. We have only been given evidence from Colin Holmes which could be bias as he was from Britain. We haven't been given much evidence on this topic as we only looked at Colin Holmes. Therefore, I believe in Colin Holmes interpretation of Britain being a racially tolerant country. This is as it clearly shows that Britain had a lot more tolerance for immigrants rather than other countries. Although there had been forms of racism in Britain, they had dealt with it a lot sooner. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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