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Fully hidden in the darkness of the shadows.

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Creative writing Fully hidden in the darkness of the shadows. With eyes full, with tears of hate. They look at the object with a passion of disgust, the stranger who insulted him lay cold on the concrete floor. Now his face was red with rage, standing there in the freezing cold nothing on but his trousers. The sky opened up like it was trying to cool him down, but no, the droplets just roll of his skinhead. Still standing with his hand firmly on his beloved tattoo. The tattoo signalled a love for hate. Just to look at this man would send shivers up any man's spine. He stands tall with a skinhead and with his hand over his beloved tattoo. ...read more.


Just a smirk on his face as he left for prison, how long? That's the question no one knew. His tears filled up his eyes, but these tears were tears with regret. The eyes stare at the gravestone with him begging to god. "Forgive me, oh god please forgive me" The stranger who once insulted him going back twenty years ago is now lying in the coldness of the floor. On his knees still crying with regret, he is knelt beside the gravestone dressed in a smart suit. Perhaps this was the way prison made him, a man who taken someone's life and now feels he has nothing to live for. ...read more.


To me he can't have changed, but to my astonishment there standing behind him, is a friend of his. Twenty years ago he would have called his now friend scum. But his friend is there for him to cry upon. The rain lightened up, as he lays down the wreath of flowers with a card reading: "Sorry." That's all the card read, but that word alone didn't bring the stranger back. As he left the graveyard with tears still rolling down his cheek, the sun emerged through the darkness of the sky and falls onto him. Was this a sign, a message from god or to signal this man has now changed? As he gets into his car half his face is illuminated by the sun whilst the other half in the darkness. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Prejudice and Discrimination section.

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