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Gavrilo Princip and the Black Hand

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Gavrilo Princip and the Black Hand The Black Hand and Gavrilo Princip are two related topics. The Black Hand was the organization Gavrilo Princip belonged to. The group was formed on by, 9 1911 with just ten men. By 1914, there were several hundred members, as many as 2500. The professed goal of the group was the creation of Great Serbia, by the use of violence, if necessary. New members swore "...before God, on my honor and my life, that I will execute all missions and commands without question. I swear before God, on my own honor and on my life, that I will take all the secrets organization into my grave with me." ...read more.


There he became an active propagandist for the Greater Serbian cause. He was admitted to the Black Hand academy in 1912, but his poor health rendered him unfit for active duty. Two years later, Tankosic recruited Gavrilo Princip and two others for a plot to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Because of his earlier partisan training, Gavrilo Princip was the best shot of the three and showed leadership qualities. Police rescued Gavrilo Princip from the mob, many of whom wanted to kill him. Once in custody, Gavrilo Princip and Carinovic managed to confuse their amateurish interrogator, revealing nothing of the Black Hand organization and sponsorship of the plot. ...read more.


The court gave Princip the benefit of the doubt, and sentenced him to twenty years in prison. He died in the hospital of Theresienstadt prison on April of 1918, from tuberculosis. In June 1917, the Black Hand was outlawed. Intriguing and Insurrection, by their very nature, however, are not bothered by legalities. A new organization - The White Hand - was formed from trustworthy men of Narodna Odbrana. It continued the imperialistic work of the Black Hand, using the same techniques. The death of Vojislav Petrovic, an ex-attach´┐Ż to the Yugoslave Legation in London, was said to be the work of Narodna Odbrans. Petrovic was preparing a book on the history of Sarajevo assassinations and the Black Hand, in what became Yugoslavia after the war, the White Hand grew into an essential piece of the state's machinery. ...read more.

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