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Gender issues - "Women should remain at home, sit still, bear and bring up children".

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Gender Issues Mark Buchanan 5ba "Women should remain at home, sit still, bear and bring up children" Martin Luther 1483-1546 Martin Luther (not to be confused with Martin Luther King) was born in 1483, Eisleben, Saxony. He was an important religious figure of his time, playing a leading part in the 16th century Reformation of the Christian Church. He had extremely definite views of the role of women in society and in the home. Martin Luther believed that it was natural and according to God's plan that men should have authority over women. However views like that of Martin Luther were not uncommon at this time. We must remember that they lived in a patriarchal society. In recent times, however, married women have gained the right to be taxed independently from their husbands. In practice this means that a woman can now fill out her own tax return and keep her financial affairs to herself. A married man still receives a tax allowance on his income and this has approximately kept pace with inflation over current times. Family allowance is paid to the mother of the children but its value in real terms has declined in the precedent ten years or so. ...read more.


They preach about salvation - the reality of sin and the necessity of repentance, and emphasise the need for a personal saviour, Jesus Christ, who died to restore the connection between man and God. Women are highly honoured as mothers, but they are also forbidden the freedom to refuse this eminent role. There is often a great degree of religious sanctioned control of women in fundamentalist groups. Fundamentalists Christians argue that Genesis 1-3 is the beginning of God's self-revelation to mankind. In these chapters God allows us to see that he is the creator of all things, and that there is an order, purpose, meaning and significance to all that exists. The nature of this self-revelation means that we have an accurate account of God's actions in creation. In other words we have a literal report of the vents that took place as God began to create. Fundamentalist Christians argue that the 'mythological imagery' outlined by the Liberal Christians undermine God's supremacy. Why shouldn't a snake speak? The Bible is viewed literally as God's word and accurate in every detail. Therefore to question the authority of the whole Bible and is to question the authority, power and rule of God himself. ...read more.


And the man became a living person" Woman created from a rib taken out of man - 2:21-22 "So the Lord God caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep. He took one of Adams ribs and closed up the place from which he had taken it. Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib and brought her from Adam." God walking in the garden - 3:8 "Towards evening they heard the Lord God walking in the garden, so they hid themselves among the trees." These imageries seem to indicate that the only way to interpret Genesis 1-3 is as mythology. These are however within the mythology truths which are relevant for today. Some of these truths reflect on the relationships between: God and man, man and woman, man and nature, and the problem of pain and suffering. In conclusion, the argument of the Liberal Christians seem more relevant for today as women weren't a central figure in religion or in society 2000 years ago, this does not mean, however, that it should continue in today's society. The majority of the population think upon women as equal and with much consideration of both arguments I have come to the conclusion that Liberalistic Christianity seems much more relevant in today's society. Mark Buchanan 5ba ...read more.

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