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Get Rich Quick

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GET RICH QUICK The night was peaceful and serene. Even though autumn usually brought biting winds and iron skies, tonight was different. people walked along the pavement very slowly. They were either couples basking in each others love, or lonesome souls trying to find themselves in the darkness. The sky was clear, with a few twinkling stars shining like diamonds. The trees scarcely moved in the light breeze, standing liked they were there from the beginning and would be there till the end. As Kai Humes walked along in the stillness, he was thinking furiously. His car going to be confiscated,his home repossessed, and he was going to be legally bankrupt because of all his debt. He could not understand where his fortune had gone. Then it hit. All the luxuries parties and wild spending finally caught up with him. He went home to his beautifully furnished house and laid in his extravagant bed . As he lay there, a thought hit him. He had figured out a brilliant plan to get his fortune back. When Kia woke the next morning, he went straight to work on executing his plan. Firstly, he called his best friend Silvie to clue her in on his scheme. ...read more.


He had found a warehouse to hold his church, but he still had to overcome his biggest obstacle. He had to pull of a sermon. Kia had set up his first sermon for seven a.m. Sunday morning, for as he told people, that was the holy hour. In actuality the reason for this was to get them there before the had a chance to spend their money elsewhere. His church was huge with long aisles of wooden benches and plastic flowers everywhere. The room was heavily perfumed with incense and the walls were painted a lovely shade of green. He started his sermon by claiming that he was the recipient of the 'immortal wisdom' via the 'great chain of being' stretching from the great 'prophets of old'. He then said all he required of them was their unconditional worship. Hearing this, Silvie thought her friend was going mad. Then, to her complete and utter amazement, people began clapping. That trend continued for weeks. Then one week, he decided to tell them that to truly serve him, they must give 35 percent of their earnings. Gradually they began doing this. At this point Silvie could bare it no longer. She felt she had no other alternative than to bring in the police. ...read more.


I am running a respectable house of worship, but if you want to get into a legal dispute I could have my lawyer on the phone in a minute. I could also bring the media into this, and tell them how you are trying to persecute my fellowship because we are trying to worship in our own way." He said this speech with as much defiance and courage as he could muster, knowing all the while it was bullwash. "Lets not get hasty." said the commissioner taken back. "I want you to know I'm watching you,thats it." he paused. "You may leave"he said , a little flustered. Weeks later, Kia started thinking it was time to get out of his endeavor while he still could. His church had been around for about four months, and people were beginning to get suspicious because he said basically the same thing each week. That Sunday, he shocked his congregation by announcing his departure. He told them the prophets were calling him to a far distant land for an undetermined amount of time. He could not disclose the location because it would be made unholy. In actuality, he was moving to Tahiti live in the lap of luxury with the money he made. This time though, he did not squander his fortune. Since he made about 4.9 million from his wealthy church goers,he never had to work again. Monita Thompson ...read more.

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