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Given the Different types and also the mediators of Religious Experience, asses Momen's Physiological Model in relation to the evaluation of a Religious Experience

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Given the Different types and also the mediators of Religious Experience, asses Momen's Physiological Model in relation to the evaluation of a Religious Experience Edward Cohen Momen's physiological model is put into four stages; the first is preparation which is a situation an individual finds himself in which is beyond their personal bounds of existence leading to confusion, frustration and lack of understanding of the problem. The second is incubation, this is when the emotions that are caused by preparation leads to the individual being over perplexed and turns themselves away and proceeds to another activity. Others will feel illumination whereby the strange feelings one receives are converted by the mind to insights and a newer and greater understanding that is often unexpected. Finally there is verification, this occurs when the individual is baffled by the situation and tries to work out the problem using existing concepts and tries many different methods until a satisfactory conclusion is reached. This model can be used in a religious experience, and makes sense when the word crisis is swapped with religious experience. ...read more.


The third type of person seeks to attain a higher level of religious thought, this is far more valid than the previous two as the result, in a spiritual sense is far more rewarding. Some may argue that in a world which is becoming increasingly less spiritual, the first two can be seen as just a valuable and productive to the society because at least they have some form of further insight however small. On the other hand, others would argue that they make a mockery of religion and are potentially dangerous to religion as we know it. They would cite examples of American TV Christian Angelical priests, who feel they have Gods power within them to heal. Macintrye may describe it as 'the therapist' where the person gets a 'quick fix' so while Madonna feels she is becoming spiritually enlightened, it is just a falsehood and an artificial experience. Momen further narrows religious experience down to ecstatic experiences and more calming ones. The ecstatic experience is a short period of ecstasy whereby a sudden event results in the individual feeling as never before. ...read more.


It is very difficult to try to categorize mystical experience, James feels that they are 'ineffable,' so how does one propose to put them in a rational order is you can't even know what it really was. A Suffi Muslim describing his experience is the same as describing the taste of an onion. Where religious texts can be read and interpreted by people, religious experience is in a different league as there is nothing tangible to see and try and explain. Many would argue that it is a deeply personal experience whereby different people are triggered by different means in the world around, but the main goal is still shared by all. Many mystics, I feel, would be horrified by Momens vulgar table, religious experience is an individual activity that many take very seriously, they would argue that this form of rationalizing the irrational is a poor reflection on the Western culture where people are obsessed with rankings, tables and categories. What right does he have to say that some people's experiences are invalid and shallow whilst others are genuine? ...read more.

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