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God and Evil - Atheism

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God and Evil 1. Atheism Atheists basically believe that, if an almighty god, isn't squaring up against evil, then instead of there not being evil, they believe that instead there is no God! Dualism This is the belief that evil cannot be the fault of god, as its principles are that of opposites of a God, so there must instead be an anti-god, otherwise known as the Devil, or Satan, and that that is the source of evil. Also there is a universal and a constant struggle between good and bad, God and the Devil. Evil is Unreal This basically means that there is no evil; it is just something when there is not good, but not evil either, just an absence of good. So as an example, it is like being blind, the world is still there, but you are just unable to see it! So in this case, the good is there, but there is an illusion of bad, not really there, but just created in the form, of craving and greed. Augustine was a proponent of this view, and it is common in Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. ...read more.


Also, he is made as something that is not separate from evil, and fighting it. But that God is present in evil, as it tries to make it turn good, instead of the other views of destroying or fighting it. 2. I do not think that the atheistic view is correct as I believe that there is a god, and that the reason that he does not fight against the evil is that, he put US there to fight against us, by already giving us so much, life, hope, happiness, a mostly easy life, and a world which started as a free and peaceful and unpolluted world, and as good is so powerful, we are taking advantage by saying this, as we are saying that god should do this for us cause it is compulsory as he is God, but I think that really it is the other way round, and that god really has already given us enough, and if we go pollute our earth, kill ourselves in war, and WE become evil, then that is our own punishment, as god will not be effected by it. ...read more.


For example if you were someone that killed many people, like Hitler, for no reason, then an evil thing happening to you, would be also a good thing, as it was deserving! So I am a bit uncertain of this one. Evil is a Test; I think that this sounds quite sensible, as it is easily possible, as something like temptation, and that to pass the test you must not give in to it. And also with the reason that without there being something bad, why should you deserve for doing good!? As there can be no good, if there is no evil! I think that the Christian solution, is although quite good, I think that it is a bit too optimistic about the earth, as although I think it is fair enough and it would be brilliant if it were true, I think that it is like a heads or tails flip, and you only get one or the other, and the Christian solution, is having both sides in one toss... but obviously there is still the chance of a coin having two heads, or two tails! So the idea cannot be too easily dismissed. Abbas Lightwalla ...read more.

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