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God Exists. God Does Not Exist. Discuss

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God Exists. God Does Not Exist. Discuss There is a lot of argument about does God exist or not exist. It was long time every person wanted to prove the existence of God. Some people argued that God exist and proved by many philosophical theories or scientific basics and religion reasons. On the other hand, other people do not believe in God existence and they have based their proven by many theories and scientific points. Many people have tried to prove God's existence with rational argument. Like Aquinas, Abelard, Pascal, Anselm and Paley are a few that have attempted this. These approaches are of limited helpfulness, for though we can approach God with our reason and detect him in nature. More importantly, these logical proofs for God's existence miss the point. The design argument is a Christian's view of God's existence that the world around them shows a pattern and therefore it must have been created or designed by someone. There are many argument that commonly used which prove God's existence like, firstly the thumb print by Sir Issac Newton, 1642-1727, one of the founders of modern, said:" In the absence of any other proofs, The thumb alone would convince me of God's existence ". ...read more.


The Big Bang theory is the Dominant scientific theory about the origin of the universe, According to the Big Bang; the universe was created some time between 15-20 billion years ago. The second confirmation of the beginning of the universe is based on the thermodynamic properties of various cosmological models. According to the second laws of thermodynamic, process talking place in a closed system always tend toward s a state of equilibrium. The universe will reach a state of thermodynamic equilibrium, known as the heat death of the universe. The universe will expand forever or eventually re-contract. Many people have come to the point in their lives where they have serious doubt about God, or have already denied his existence. Most of those people do not do so because firmly held philosophical conviction. They do so because of personal disappointment with God. Many people have cried out to God in prayer. They have called out to him for help. But they were looking for did not come. So they think that there is God. Other has been disappointed or hurt by those who represent God. ...read more.


The worldview that views the universe as a closed system, which work according to unchanging laws allows no outside intervention and can be perceived only by reason and the senses. Many people currently refuse to acknowledge the existence of a person God accountability, obedience or control. There are other arguments about the not existence of God. The first argument is by Nietzche, which conclude that there is no God. He argued that God was "dead!" There were no natural laws, and there was no order. The second argument was by Epicurus, He believed that if there is a God he should be able to prevent future evil in the world that God can stop evil and chooses not to stop it. I think, in my opinion, agree with people who argue in believe of God's existence. In conclusion, we have seen on the basis of both philosophical argument and scientific confirmation that it is plausible that the universe began to exists. Given the intuitively obvious principle that the universe has a cause of its existence. On the basis of our argument, this cause would have to do uncaused, eternal, changeless, timeless, and immaterial. I conclude that it is rational to believe that God exists. ?? ?? ?? ?? MAA 1 ...read more.

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