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"God gives life and only God can take it away." Agree or disagree.

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Euthanasia AO2 "God gives life and only god can take it away." Do you agree or disagree? There are loads of different views for the answer to the statement above. Most Christians believe in the in the importance of life and therefore disagree with abortion and euthanasia. We must remember that not all people follow a religion or if they do disagree with some of their religions specific demands and therefore might be in favour of the choice to have an abortion or carry out euthanasia. The church would teach that god is almighty and only him can take life away. God gives us life so who are we to take it away. In the case of pregnancy the child is a gift from god not just a growing organism. By taking another's life through abortion or euthanasia you are not only murdering, but also attempting to play god. I think it is wrong to take away your life and don't necessarily think it's your decision. ...read more.


If they don't believe there is a god but just living organisms on a planet called earth, then if you are in pain and suffering, there doesn't seem any mental reason to stop you from wanting to die peacefully rather than have your life prolonged t suffer furthered! I believe that not in all circumstances god has the right to take away life. For example if a woman was raped and is emotionally traumatised and having the child will only even further increase a disturbance in her mental mind then abortion should be considered. However the woman who has been the victim of a rape can receive help and therefore allow us as Christians to show compassionate love and care to the victim. I think it's not the woman's fault she was raped so if she didn't want a baby she would have to live with for the rest of her life, which I don't thinks fair considering she was the victim. I think I'd agree with this statement because life is sacred. Euthanasia destroys life. So it must be wrong. ...read more.


We do not have the right to say that a person should die because they have done something wrong. Jesus taught us to forgive people no matter what the sin. In answer to the statement I would say that as a Catholic I mostly agree with it. I think that God has given a child the right to life at the moment of conception and that life should only end when God feels it is time. We must remember that everyone has different views and opinions on this subject and so we should not be prejudiced to anyone just because they do not share the same views as us. Therefore I believe that with some things people should have the right to a choice but it should be up to the individual person to decide on what they believe is the right and moral thing to do. I think that more counselling and advice sessions should be available to people to help them make such a decision. This currently happens in the Catholic Church, and I think has helped a lot of people through hard times where they may have given up. ...read more.

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