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God gives live and only God can take it away

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Abortion: Christians believe human life is sacred and should be treated with care. God has made everyone in his own image, and has a unique relationship with each of us, even before we were conceived. From the beginning in the Bible, it is made clear that all human life is a gift from God and that every individual is known and loved by him. In Genesis 1:27 it states that God has made everyone in his own image and he has created everyone for a purpose. In Jeremiah 1:5 it states that God knew everyone before he forms us in the womb and he made each of us in our own individual way. In Psalms 139: 13-16 it states that God made us in a wonderful way and you were with us all the way through our time in our mother 's womb. These beliefs are the main reasons why most Christians believe: 'human life is sacred;' because God has made us so wonderfully and creatively. These are also the reasons why most Christians believe ' Abortion ' is wrong. This is a basic reaction, because Christians believe God has created each of us in is own image and if we kill each other we are actually killing our creator, God. 'Abortion is any death of a foetus in the womb and it's expulsion from the mother's body.' ...read more.


Ant-abortionists accept this is a very awful situation for the mother to go through however, they might claim that the termination would cause the mother more pain and would be wrong. Two wrongs don't make a right!! Having the child may in fact help the woman to get over her ordeal, because something positive has come out of such a bad experience. Adoption would also be an agreeable option. The rights of the unborn child recognise that the baby still needs to be loved, and is just as much a victim as the mother. The rights of the mother are that it is her body and as she has been through the whole ordeal she has the right to choose what will happen. Having the baby could make things worse, she may re-enact the whole experience and eventually grow to hate the child. Others might say something positive out of something negative is worthwhile. The woman could end up with a baby to love, and this may help her to overcome the experience. In such a situation the father has no rights at all. By assaulting the woman and having sex without consent he has lost any rights he could have had. >A woman's who knows her unborn child will be disabled, The Roman Catholic Church say that the child is still a life and although it might not be normal as other children, it is still unique like every child and God has a plan for it like he has for everyone. ...read more.


I would never destroy another life nor shall I take another's life, even if social pressures wanted me to. I believe I do not have the authority to do this. In the Ten Commandments we are told 'you shall not commit murder,' No one should commit murder and I believe even if you have an abortion, under any circumstances, you are committing murder. Not only abortion, but also euthanasia, suicide, some fertility treatments, capital punishment, and killing in wars are all killing of a life that God has given. Why do we have the right to choose whether a person lives or dies? We don't! God has planted each and everyone on this earth as stewards of life, gifts and wealth, entrusted by God to look after and keep safe. We should use God's gifts the way he entrusted them to us to be used. Using fertility treatment is altering God's plan. Mother Teresa once said ' if you do make a mistake, don't destroy the life...because also to that child God says: ' I have called you by your name; I have carried you in the palm of my hand; you are mine.' Christians believe that God has a plan for everyone and this is why only God should take life away. If everyone is unique, every person is of equal value to another. We cannot and should not take anyone's life away if this is true. We prove this by following the Bible, showing forgiveness and accepting God's will. ...read more.

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