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'God helps those who help themselves.' Discuss this statement with reference to the marginalised.

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'GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES.' DISCUSS THIS STATEMENT WITH REFERENCE TO THE MARGINALISED. In today's society you always see people standing outside shops or on street corners collecting money for different charities to help people in need of our help. The statement of 'God helps those who help themselves.' Is in some ways true, in the scripture in the story of the blind beggar the beggar did not sit and wait for Jesus to spot him he shouted at the top of his voice even when the rest of the crowed tried to quiet him. This shows great faith and tells us that if you want help to do something about it, today people who help themselves are sometimes more well off than those who don't help themselves. ...read more.


the first move but we are told that God is for everyone so in my opinion I think that God does not help only those who help themselves. Suggest using two clear examples, how Christians today could follow the standards set by Jesus in caring for the disadvantaged. Jesus treated everyone as equals and spent time with all people regardless. Jesus was able to talk to those who no one wanted to talk to, he ate with those no one wanted to dine with and he healed those who everyone marginalised for their illness. When Jesus visited Jericho Jesus said to Zacchaeus "Hurry down, Zacchaeus, because I must stay in your house today." ...read more.


They shouldn't have started." www.substancemisuse.net but a lot of these people can't help it, it is a genuine problem and they should be helped. People with different sexual orientations are another group who are frowned upon in today's society "Young gay people can be left feeling isolated" http://www.rainbow-project.org in the days of Jesus many of those who were isolated were helped by Jesus. Jesus treated everyone equally, we all must take example from this and include everyone in society no matter what problems they may have or sex orientation they may have they should be helped if they have a problem, or listened to if they want to be heard. ...read more.

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