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Golshani and Dawkins

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Radio 4 Live Debate Between Golshani and Dawkins K: Hello and welcome to Radio 4 Live today we have two very special guests, Dr Golshani and Prof Dawkins, hello to you both G: Hello D: Hi K: Could you give the listeners some background information about yourselves G: I am a senior lecturer. My main research areas include foundational physics, particle physics, physical cosmology and philosophical implications of quantum mechanics. I am the founder and chairman of the Faculty of Philosophy of Science at Sharif University of Technology in Iran. I am also the director of Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies, Tehran, Iran, and a Professor at Physics Department of Sharif University of Technology, as well as a Senior Fellow of School of Physics at Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics. ...read more.


Golshani that religion and science can connect D: I absolutely disagree with Dr.Golshani, religion and science can never evolve together by saying that you are undermining science. Science is a structured, proven and rational subject. Science cannot prove religion, and religion cannot prove science. I mean how can science prove reincarnation for example? I am not undermining or disrespecting religion, but I fail to see the connection between the two topics. G: I would just like to pick up on your point about reinsertion although there is not much proof that reincarnation exists there is some. The most detailed collections of personal reports in favor of reincarnation have been published by Dr. ...read more.


the child; for example, marks on the chest and back of a child line up precisely with the bullet entry and exit wounds on the body of an individual who has been shot. However, Stevenson cautions that such evidence is suggestive of reincarnation, but that more research must be conducted. K: Prof. Dawkins have you got any concluding points? D: Yes, I repeat I am not undermining or disrespecting religion, one topic of religion explained, that does not mean religion and science can work together. K: Thank for joining me on the show today, the lines are now open if you want to comment on this debate, or you can email us at radio4@bbc.co.uk. Thank you, I hope to see you again. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kiran Modi 8B ...read more.

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