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Good and Evil

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Myles Neal Year 11 Religious Studies Coursework Good and Evil 1. Describe What Christmas may believe about the power of good and the power of evil Christians may believe many different things about the power of good and the power of evil. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that God is all good and perfect. They teach that God perfectly loves; they also teach that God has the power to do anything (omnipotence). But there are all kinds of evil things in the world that cause people to suffer. These include moral evil, natural evil; such as floods, disease, hurricanes, fires and earthquakes. Some Christians believe many causes for this but one main opinion and belief is that there is evil in the world because of the Devil. The devil is believed to be the enemy of God and tries to make humanity turn away from goodness. According to early Christian doctrine, the Devil was created good, but was jealous of God and decided to fight against God instead of being obedient. For example in the creation story in Genesis, Adam and Eve were tempted to do wrong by a serpent, some people believe that this was the Devil in disguise. ...read more.


They depict between the two in many ways including using their conscience, the bible and commandments. Christians believe that good is so powerful you can accomplish anything. Also Christmas believe that, as a part of their response to God, they should try to avoid evil and do good, because they believe that God is perfectly good and that they should try to become like God as much as they can.. 2. Explain how Christians may be influenced by these beliefs. Christians may be influenced by these beliefs in many different ways. Christians try to do good by following things such as the bible. The Bible, as the holy book of Christianity, is often used as a source of moral guidance. Christians study the teachings of the Bible, and try to work out how to apply it to their own lives and situations. Some of the Bible's teachings, such as the Ten Commandments, are considered by many people, whether Christian, or not to contain essential truths about right and wrong. Christians often turn to the Bible when they have difficult moral decisions to make. Many of the teachings and stories of the Bible have messages which Christians can use and try to put into practice. ...read more.


Conversely, evil is all that is opposed to God. Evil is destructive and temporary. It is untrue and repulsive and self-centred and 'unreal.' Evil is decay and chaos. In addition I do also believe that if God was all mighty and all powerful then there would be no such traumas such as September 11th. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that God gave us free will. If we choose not to create evil that is not God's fault. Some Christians believe that all evil is work of the Devil. In addition I believe the statement "If God really loved humanity we would never have to suffer." could apply to some situations such as natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. I believe that these natural disasters are a way of God to punish us and therefore if God truly loved humanity he would not make people suffer. In conclusion I believe that the statement "If God really loved humanity we would never have to suffer." may apply to some situations such as natural disasters but overall I do believe that it is incorrect. God gave us free will and a brain and if we choose to misuse either of them it is not for God to correct. I believe that evil brought into the world is not the fault of God and therefore why should he prevent it. ...read more.

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