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Good and Evil

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GOOD AND EVIL; PART TWO Lesson 7 - Doing right; conscience I agree partly with both ideas. The first idea about it being a moral sixth sense makes sense because if you do something bad then there's something inside that tells you that you shouldn't be doing it. The second idea about it being down to our upbringing makes the most sense to me however I am more inclined to believe the first one. If our parents tell us it is wrong then we know that but it doesn't often stop us from doing it. It's often our own feelings that prevent us from doing things. If our parents say nothing but we feel that it is wrong then we are less likely to do it. If our parents start to lecture us about how wrong it is etc then we are more likely to do it just to prove a point! I think our conscience is a reliable guide. People always say to do what you think is right. If we always do as we are told then we are never able to do that. If we listen to our conscience and do what we think is right then we will learn more. ...read more.


They risk their lives to save others and they always do their best to help. They put the public before themselves and risk everything for the chance to help put away bad people. * To me doctors and nurses are like Jesus because they put others before themselves. They help make people who are ill better. They also give up their time to speak to people. The nurses (especially on the children's wards) give up their time to talk to the children, cheer them up and make them feel better. They look after people who are ill and talk to them, try to make them feel better and look after them and put others needs before their own. * Lenny Henry is sort of like Jesus to me because of everything he has done for children in need. He set it up years ago and is always involved raising money for, not only people here in the UK but for people in Africa as well. There are lots of others involved as well but Lenny set it up and has been involved every year. He gave up his time to help people less fortunate and a lot worse of than himself. ...read more.


A Christian might say that to avoid punishment is a good reason for being good because If you are being punished then that means you have done something wrong and maybe even illegal and to do that is like betraying God. A Christian might say that gaining a reward is a good reason for being good because Being rewarded is being told that what you did is very good and it is like a reward from God and if you carry on the way you are then you will end up in heaven. A Christian might say that being at peace with our self is a good reason for being good because when you are at peace with yourself then you are more relaxed and more at peace with God and it makes it easier to respond to him. A Christian might say that fitting in with society is a good reason for being good because It's good to make friends and friends are important. Most Christians prefer to get on with everybody rather than argue all the time and use violence. 'Love your neighbours as yourself!' A Christian might say that pleasing God is a good reason for being good because God decides if you go to heaven or hell so if you please him and are good all the time then you will end up going to heaven. ...read more.

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