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Grendel is an interesting novel that addresses many different philosophical questions, such as problems with the self and of faith of a higher being and the meaning of life.

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Grendel is an interesting novel that addresses many different philosophical questions, such as problems with the self and of faith of a higher being and the meaning of life. Grendel is a repulsive, extremely large beast. He chooses to live by himself because he's insecure about his appearance and doesn't feel accepted in the beginning of the novel Grendel encounters not so smart ram that seems to be ignoring him. Grendel gets extremely angered by this. Throughout the book he talks about how the worst thing there is indifference. Indifference being the epitome of evil. His way of thinking is that being hated is better than not being acknowledged. At least they take the time to waste energy on hating you and they at least think about you. This would be why Grendel has had an ongoing war with the humans that has lasted 12 years. Every summer the humans will form an enormous group and attempt to hunt down Grendel and kill him. This was because Hrothgar, the king, had defeated the six closest neighbors and had them pay tribute. ...read more.


He believes that he serves no purpose in the world. Later on during the story Grendel encounters " the dragon" he's a red-golden beast that begins to put thoughts into Grendel's impressionable mind. The dragon can read his mind and intrudes on his thoughts during their encounters and he can see the past, present and future. He begins to see his life just past him by. Then Grendel begins to start paying attention to the shaper at the mead hall and listens to all his stories. The dragon says that where Grendel's confusion comes from. When the shaper gets sick Grendel gets so upset, he enjoyed his stories so much, it was the only way that he felt part of any community. And now that has been taken away from him. After his encounter with the dragon he thinks more about his role in life and what meaning his life has. So now he decides to give himself a title as the "meadhall wrecker". He's so bitter about his station in life he feels he has to give himself a title because no one else will. ...read more.


It's like a child who acts out just to get attention from the people around him. It's not necessarily the right thing to do but people just tend to be like that. So in essence it can't truly be excused as justifiable behavior but it can be understood. I could relate to the feeling that perhaps there is no god in this world. Because I have a hard time accepting the thought of a higher being when all there is as proof is a book that was written by man. For a long time I thought like Grendel, you're born, live, and then you die, and that's it. It's definetley an easier way to live, some sort of self-preservation, I guess you could say. You never really let yourself be disillusioned by life or by your emotions. Our emotions are simply a chemical imbalance that creates a euphoria that makes us stupid. So by being like Grendel we save ourselves the heartache of the harsh realities of the world. So the thought that we just live and then die is so much easier. When you die, all you do is rot in the ground. But then I'm not sure about that, because I do believe that there might be some sort of afterlife, who knows. ...read more.

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