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Growth in Marriage:The Blessing of Family Life.

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Chapter 13 Growth in Marriage: The Blessing of Family Life Introduction In this chapter "Growth in Marriage: The Blessing of Family Life," there are three main points that are basically what the chapter is about. The three points are 1) The Seasons of a Marriage, 2) Ongoing Adjustments in Married Life and 3) Three stances toward relationships and two other points are 4) The healthy family and 5) Toward a "Civilization of Love." In class several groups made presentations on current moral issues. Take for instance, the issue about Bishop Greene making his controversial statement about blowing up parliament if a law was passed to allow same sex marriages. I feel that he should not have apologized for his actions because in the Bahamas we have the right to speak what is on our minds or as we call it "freedom of speech." Marriage is seen as honorable and holy in God's eyes. But some people choose to go against God's plan for man and woman and decide to engage in sexual relations or even marriage with the same sex. These types of actions are not desirable or pleasing to God. I feel as though if our society accepts these types of behavior we would be drifting further away from God and going against his plan. The act of true love would not be present in same sex marriages in my opinion because I feel that true love can only take place between a man and woman. ...read more.


In the later years like twenty-four to forty when the children have left home the couple establish new and deeper bonds. They became creative and spend their time together, whether it is traveling or hobbies with one another. Years forty and beyond are described as growing old together. The couple may come to an appreciation of each other. If they were open to each other in their previous years, they can find that their after years together and each season of their marriage, even the hard times are significant and joyous. The next point is Ongoing Adjustments in Married Life. The choices couples make help shape their marriage. The move towards thinking as a couple and rather than thinking as individuals is never accomplished in the first couple years of marriage. The desires and needs of each person change and emerge. Sexual expression changes throughout a marriage, these changes require the couples to be sensitive and responsive to each other's expectations. Sexual intercourse can be a powerful unifier for a couple. It can bring a joy and renewal to two persons that have committed their lives to each other. Sexual expression that is satisfying for both partners takes time to learn. Financial issues influence the relationship in many ways. A couple may not be able to have some of the conveniences they hoped for or may not be able to live in the area they would like. ...read more.


They must be struggling with their identity of making wrong choices. Spiritually I feel that a homosexual marriage is morally wrong. I think people choose to be homosexual and are not born that way or being forced into it. The content of the chapter gives married couples a good insight on what to expect in their lives and how to cope with the many difficult changes they will go through. The presentations shared were very informative, such as the matter on homosexuality. The Conclusion To conclude, yes marriage is a great thing, but there is no promise that it will be smooth sailing. The couple will go through different changes, or as the book says different seasons. Ongoing Adjustments which help to shape the marriage, faithfulness to each other is an important factor. Friends can also be adopted to help with times that may be hard for the couple. A healthy family should be build if the couple stays faithful, open to community and welcome new life. I feel as though I discussed the points of this chapter thoroughly and in a way that is understandable to my peers. I can say that I benefited from this chapter because I never knew that marriages cold be so much work and all the struggles that can take place. There are different stages and seasons of a marriage that a couple must go through. The presentation helped me a lot in understanding what homosexuality is and how it comes about. Nadia Miller 10/10/03 Religion 64 Mr.Richardson ...read more.

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