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Gurdwaras at work - Gurdwaras mission?

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Satpal Singh Dhesi Business at work (Gurdwaras at work.) Gurdwaras mission? The mission of all Gurdwaras are the same, which is to provide for the community, to help others, to do seva, provide guidance to follow the correct path, and it is the place where we can all find refuge and salvation in times that we either need or want. The Gurdwara is established so that we the community can congregate together as followers of Guru Ji. Gurdwaras objective? The main objective for Gurdwaras is to bring together all the sangath and treat them as equals. Bringing all the sangath together is needed for when doing the ardaas, as Sikhs together are more powerful than a single voice. ...read more.


Khalsa Aid brought together by the Gurdwara societies, have helped people all over the world where they have not competed into the charitable market but have tried their best to survive so that people less fortunate than us can have a better future. Its market share can be measured with all the assets it has received from donations and the organisations own hard work and the image that it has formed. Donations have made the Gurdwaras able to provide better services and better-prepared Langar for all. What about a loss? I would think that the Gurdwaras would never have any losses, as the Sikh community should be grateful for what they have received and aren't too greedy for a profit. ...read more.


People wish to congregate with their fellow Sikh brothers and sisters, by joining together and praying to Waheguru, for all the things that He has given us, as it is a lot more than the less fortunate have. The sangath go to Gurdwaras, to listen to shabad kirtan so that they listen and learn. Sikhi is all about learning and that's what the Gurdwara does, it helps us learn, the way we should lead our lives. How does it affect the people who go there? The sangath can find peace together as they stand and do ardaas before Waheguru, together. The people that go to the Gurdwara have been affected greatly, as going to the Gurdwara helps your spiritual life, as it helps us say Waheguru's name because its soul food. ...read more.

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