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Hajj - a pilgrimage to Mecca.

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Craig Wragg 11T24 Hajj GCSE R.E Coursework The definition of the word Hajj is 'to set out with definite purpose' meaning the definite purpose to be fulfilling the pilgrimage to Mecca. Hajj is a pilgrimage that Muslims make to Mecca, which is in Saudi Arabia. It is a spiritual journey to follow their faith and can help to discover and develop themselves, and to seek spiritual enlightenment. Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is done once in every Muslims life, As the Qur'an says. although there are some exceptions such as illness and problems with money. Muslims go on Hajj to cleanse and purify themselves. Another reason is that Muslims see hajj as an opportunity to show their devotion to Allah. Hajj helps bring Muslims closer to Allah and to each other. In the Qu'ran, Allah ordered Muslims to go on the pilgrimage. Muslims believe that by taking part in hajj and while on the pilgrimage, that they can gain forgiveness from Allah. A sense of personal achievement can be gained by taking part in hajj. ...read more.


Inside the ka'bah is a black stone, Muslims believe that Allah sent this down from heaven, although it is thought to be a meteoroid. the next stage of hajj is the running between two mountains, marwah and safa. This represents the event of ibrahims wife, hajar's search for water between the two mountains for her son whom she left on the ground, when she returned angel jibril shown her a spring of water. The moral of the story is that god is always there to help when needed. The Muslims run between the mountains hajars footsteps and then go to the zamzam well, which was named by hajar. This is called sa'y and it symbolizes the Muslims perseverance. On the next day of hajj they travel to Arafat, where Allah forgives for the sins of the Muslims when they stay in Arafat for the day asking for forgiveness. Wuguf as it is know is an important part of hajj and is vital for the Muslim to take part in it because it shows their devotion to Allah. Muslims believe on the day of wuguf they are being judged by Allah. ...read more.


Another difficulty is getting time from work and school off. Hajj is an important part of a Muslims life. Sometimes so important that the white clothes worn when on hajj are wrapped around a Muslim when they die. After Hajj a Muslim may be careful of what he or she does because they have been cleansed of sins while on hajj and would not want to sin and because they will want to be pure. Muslims who go on hajj gain respect from others and are called a "hajji". The Muslim may also feel better for going on hajj because they have shown their respect for Allah. A pilgrimage is necessary because it was Allah's instructions to take the journey to Mecca and by doing this it shows respect and devotion towards him and shows your loyalty. It is one of the five pillars of Islam and is a duty for a Muslim to take part in Hajj. After hajj a Muslim is also purified and cleansed of all sins. I feel that a true pilgrimage is not really a journey within, and that hajj can help a Muslim become a better person, therefore the pilgrimage to Mecca is a good thing. ...read more.

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