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Hajj and its importance to Muslims?

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Hajj and its importance to Muslims? Hajj is a once in a lifetime pilgrimage of Muslims to Mecca. It is in Saudi Arabia, in the Middle East in Asia. Hajj should be performed at least once in a Muslims lifetime. For Muslims, the Hajj is the fifth and final pillar of Islam. It occurs in the month of Dhul Hijjah, which is the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar. The hajj makes Muslims feel the real importance of life here on earth, and the after-life and shows the real meaning of life. During the Hajj, the pilgrims perform act of worship, and ask forgiveness. The Kaba plays a big part in the Hajj; it is the centre, because Muslims go around it seven times. Ibrahim and his son Ismail built the Kaba, about four thousand years before Mohammed was born. The quote from the Quaran says," And when Ibrahim and Ismail Built the House and dedicated it..." 2:127 Muslims should perform Hajj, if they can afford it, the quote from the Quaran says, "If you are prevented, send such offerings as you can afford..." 2:196 Only 5% of the Muslim population get to go on Hajj every year. This is a very small percentage of the Muslim population. Hajj includes Eid Ul Adha and the sacrifice; people in the Hajj have to sacrifice animals, when the ritual is nearly at its end. The quote in the Quaran says, "And camels we have made a part of Allah's rites. They are of much use to you. ...read more.


2:197After the pilgrims have travelled to Muzdalifah in time for the evening prayers, they camp at Muzdalifah overnight. When the pilgrims are at Muzdalifah they collect 49 stones. On the 10th of Dhul Hijjah the pilgrims travel from Muzdalifah to Mina. At Mina there are 3 stone pillars these represent the Devil. Also on that day the pilgrims throw 7 stones at one of the pillars. They continue this ritual on the 11th and 12th of Dhul Hijjah. On the 11th they throw 7 stones at each of the 3 pillars and on the 12th they again throw 7 stones at each of the 3 pillars. The reason for this practice is because it reminds the pilgrims of Ibrahim and his son Ismail. Ibrahim and his son withstood the temptation by throwing stones at the devil. The purpose and meaning of this ritual is a much more personal one. As the pilgrims Stone the Devil, they are expressing their own rejection of evil and their own resolve to withstand any temptations, which may appear their way. While Muslims are not stoning the devil they recite the Talbiyah. After the ritual stoning the Devil has been done many pilgrims sacrifice an animal, usually a sheep, goat or even a camel. "... And the camels we have made a part of Allah's rites. Pronounce over them the name of Allah as they have fallen down on their sides eat their flesh and feed it to the poor and the beggar". 2:235 Before the sacrifice the pilgrims take off their Ihram and put on their normal clothes. ...read more.


You have to have a right frame of mind and be fully focused on your task. You really have to mean it be committed to it fully as possible and show total loyalty towards Allah and keep your self clean and have a stable mind of frame. However some may disagree with this statement. They may say that even if the pilgrim has not the right frame of mind, they still performed it like it says in the Quaran to do the fifth pillar of Islam means you're a true Muslim. I believe that a Muslim should act upon as a good Muslim and be committed to their faith and truly to their pilgrimage. Also a real pilgrimage is when you mean it from the bottom of your heart. Also when someone goes to pilgrimage because there family forces them to go and the person is not ready to go but has to then this means that the person will not be truly committed to the task ahead. However I conclude from all this a true pilgrimage is definitely from some sort of way, not matter where you are or even if you don't get to perform the rituals your true pilgrimage is accepted or within when you are so dedicated in going on Hajj for the right reasons, right intention and right frame of mind and if you take a true understanding of what is right from wrong. You have to perform the physical activities to show your devotion to Allah, but it must be done with the right niyyah (intension). ...read more.

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