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Hajj Assessment

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Hajj Assessment In this assessment I will explain what I learned about hajj on the documentary on Saturday. You have to at least do hajj once in your lifetime, doing so all your sins will go away. You will have a new life like when you were born. You go to hajj to visit Allah's house and ask for forgiveness to Allah. You have to do hajj correctly or it won't count. Your intentions have to be focused on doing Hajj and nothing else. All throughout you wear ihram, which is a piece of white clothing for both men and women. Huge sums of three million people go to hajj nowadays. ...read more.


There is three Jamrat's and you can throw the pebbles you collected from Mina in anyone of the three Jamrat's. The point of throwing stones in the Jamrat is because that's where the devil is known to be. Some people go a bit over the top and throw bricks and stones, which causes a lot of injuries. Some people even pass away because of the throwing. The Jamrat is packed of loads of people trying to throw stones. After you throw the pebbles you go to Makkah again and do Twaf. You also then do sai'y again. Once that's done you do the Qurbani, which is sacrificing a sheep or perhaps lamb, cow or even a camel. ...read more.


40 years ago there were approximately 200,000 people that went to perform hajj. Now there is over 3 million. Having so many people coming to perform hajj Jeddah opened their airport. There are 20,000 coaches full of Hajji's. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Quite surprising considering the west doesn't like Islam because the media dispersants it. There are 55,000 tents in Makkah. Before you leave to do Hajj you have to make sure everything financially is fine at home whilst the journey. On the motorway there is a lane for Muslims and a lane for Non Muslims. This is what I have learned from watching the program. It was very interesting to watch and full of information. By Zahid Rasul ...read more.

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