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Hajj Coursework

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Hardeep Sidhu 10SHn Hajj Coursework What is Hajj? Hajj means "inhabitation" and in Islamic terminology refers to the pilgrimage to the mosque of the noble Ka'bah in the magnificent city of Mecca. Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca, it is one of the five basic requirements of Islam. Muslims should make this journey at least once in their lifetime, it is a duty for all Muslims to visit the Ka'bah and stand before God on Mount Arafat. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. The true Hajj is to be made between the 8th and 13th of Dul Hijjah, which is the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar. Explain why a Muslim might take part in Hajj A fit and materially able Muslim man or woman is obligated to undertake the Hajj once in his/her lifetime. This act combines the pecuniary and bodily types of worship and symbolises the faithful response of mankind to God's call Muslims go on Hajj to do the last of the five basic duties that have been asked by God, and to follow the example of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and to get their sins forgiven. Before going on Hajj the person must be Muslim, the must be sane and able to understand the spiritual importance of what they are doing, they must be physically fit and they must be able to pay for the journey without having to take the money from anyone else with dishonesty. The whole area around the city of Mecca is a special area. ...read more.


Muslims believe God sent the black stone down from heaven to earth. They move on to the two mountains, Marwah and Safa. This is where Hajar, Ibrahims wife, searched for water. She left Isma'il, her son, on the ground while she dashed between the two mountains in a desperate search for water. When she returned to her child the angel Jibra'il showed her a spring of water at the feet of Isma'il. She called the well Zamzam. It symbolises that God is always there to help, even when all seems lost. Muslims run between the two mountains, in Hajar's footsteps. Then they visit the Zamzam well, some buy water from here to take home with them. This whole event is called Sa'y. It symbolises a Muslim's perseverance and God's love for the individual.The first day of Hajj is over. Muslims stay overnight at Mina. Next, they go on to Arafat this is where Adam and Eve were forgiven for their sins. God forgives the Muslims who stand at Arafat all day in the blazing sun. This is known as Wuquf. If, for whatever reason, Muslims do not perform Wuquf then Hajj becomes invalid because it is an important part of Hajj as they show their devotion to God. This part of Hajj symbolises awaiting judgement on the day of Resurrection, "when there shall be no shade other than that of Allah's throne". It is a great test of perseverance but Muslims want to prove themselves to God. ...read more.


The point of Hajj is to get closer to God, but if Muslims go with the wrong intention and attitude there is no point of them going. Also if Muslims don't go to the plain of Arafat and stand before God, the whole pilgrimage is worthless. He knows what you think of Him, He is everywhere and therefore close to you, wherever you are. Muslims would not agree with this because they don't mean to be physically close to Him. They want to be close to His heart. Christians don't have to go on a pilgrimage, but some do out of choice. I think they would agree that Hajj is unnecessary because you don't need to prove yourself to God. As long as your devotion for Him remains, that's all that matters. Some Muslims would not agree with this because it is their duty to God, it's one of the five pillars. A Muslim who has completed Hajj would feel cleansed and purified of sins. Therefore they would lead a better life. A further point they make is that if God orders it to be done then there must be a good reason for doing it. I disagree. I think that if the Muslims feel Hajj is necessary, I respect their feelings. But I also believe that they don't need to show their devotion. This is because God is omniscient so He knows to what lengths a Muslim would go for Him. So I believe that a true pilgrimage is really a journey within. ...read more.

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