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Hale says " Life is God's most precious gift." Is any life better than no life? In the end of this topic you will quite agree that a conclusion to this debate isn't possible

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Hale says " Life is God's most precious gift." Is any life better than no life? In the end of this topic you will quite agree that a conclusion to this debate isn't possible. We humans have free will to argue for and against this view as we have the choice to live our life or take our life. Free will has given us the choice to do both of these, we must take into account the life style and circumstances for people who are judged on their acts. You from me will get the top views of both sides of this argument and then my opinion in the end its your decision. FOR Human beings aren't indestructible, damage is easily caused, we do not play God in life and certainly doesn't revolve round a single person. Every human doesn't know what happens after life, death forces us to live. Then for those who claim to take away and greet death is a sin, it is wrong in every religion, country or society. Murdering yourself isn't a game it's a one time situation and the last sin, crime or offence before you pass on. ...read more.


Also most importantly you are denting this child's potential in life. Infanticide is a great offence to the law today, people kill their children because they think it will suffer in this world, no cause is great enough for someone to be killed and the worse thing is they think it is human to give your child death. Why do people have such bad morals they think of themselves so unworthy that death is only thing they deserve is death, then maybe they should just have counseling. No person has condemned him self or dug a hole he cant get out of, where there is a will there is a way. Judging isn't a fact even today I believe that there are innocent men in prison today. As for family they would be devastated and confused why anyone could do such a thing and many others will see this act as attention seeking . Terrorists (suicide bombers in particular) if feel offended by the government firstly shouldn't take out their and anger by killing themselves and the innocent people around them. Instead they should have non violent acts e.g. ...read more.


from society and have a life of misery, not every country is a wealthy country some cannot afford to abort so they must have the child then kill it. This is called euthanasia "mercy killing" the try to kill the baby to prevent suffering in this life and if religious hope have better life in the next life. Infanticide abandoning probably would be the only way not to punished by the authority for having two children even though it seems harsh imagine the mother who has no choice misery can't be measured. Some would rather die for their beliefs in a religion do die for and in many religious books there are rewards for those who do this. WHAT I THINK I am not really sure which to pick but if I had to I think I would have to agree with Hale's saying, life is really important you only get once chance to most people to live people have to experience it so that they at least know the pain and happiness of it. Life has its ups and downs it's really for people to try and work their way around the circumstances that cause suicidal cases. Emmanuel Quartey 10H ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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