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Handling babies.

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Handling * When your baby is lying on its back, slide one hand under the lower back and bottom. Slide your other hand under the neck and head, going in from the opposite side. * Life the baby gently and slowly, so that its body is supported and the head can't loll back. * Carefully transfer your baby's head to the crook of your elbow or your shoulder so it is supported. Handling... Handling a newborn baby for the first time can be quit nerve-racking, as your baby will probably seem so tiny and delicate. But babies are comforted by being held and cuddled. Baby's love skin-to-skin contract and being cradled in your arms, which keeps them at exactly the right distance to focus on your face. So enjoy some peaceful time on your own together, as you develop confidence while holding and carrying your baby. Supporting the head Babies are much more robust than you'd imagine. But whenever you hold your new baby, do remember to support the head. ...read more.


Changing your baby At first, dressing your baby can be very fiddly - and quite a challenge! Some babies tend to wriggle a lot, while others go limp and some objects very strongly. Try to make changing time as quick and easy as possible: * Be prepared with everything you need beforehand. * Look for easy-to-dress clothes with poppers, stretchy fabrics and large openings. * Stretch the fabric, not your baby! Stretch the neck opening wide before placing it over the back of your baby's head and pulling it down over the face. * Reach into the selves and leg holes with one hand and guide your baby's arms and legs through. Be careful not to bend finger and toes, or to get them caught in lacy fabrics. Coping with crying All babies cry, it's their only way of letting you know that something is wrong. However, there's no doubt that some babies cry a lot more than others. It's amazing that such tiny creature can make so much noise. ...read more.


Check for nappy rash, as this can make you baby very uncomfortable. Hot or cold Add or remove a layer of clothing, or adjust the heating at home if your baby feels sweaty or has chilly arms or legs. Generally, your baby will need one more layer than you're comfortable in. Illness If the crying is especially high pitched or unusual your baby may be ill. Ask you GP for advice. Crying with colic Many babies suffer from this distressing condition I the early weeks, although it usually eases off from around 12 weeks. It usually starts in the early evening and the signs include drawing the knees up as if in pain with tummy ache and crying inconsolably for several hours. It's not known what the cause is. However, current theories include: * Your baby's digestive system contract when your baby passes wind, causing pain. * Your baby is over stimulated by the end of day and becomes distressed. * As the level of maternal hormones subsides in your baby, it causes painful spasms in the intestine. * A 'colicky' baby's cry is simply a normal cry, but more extreme. ...read more.

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