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Has Christmas lost its religious meaning?

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Has Christmas lost its religious meaning? I think Christmas has lost its religious meaning. Christmas is meant to be a time where family's get together and share their love together, where children act out the nativity play and people go to a christingles to remember the whole meaning of Christmas. ...read more.


Some people think that Christmas is still as religious as it was 50+ years ago. They say this because children still act out nativity plays every Christmas and attend christingles on Christmas Eve. Families still get together and celebrate Christmas. Generally more around the Christmas period people are more generous towards others. ...read more.


Has Easter lost its religious meaning? I also think that Easter has lost its religious meaning. People think Easter is a time to eat lost of chocolate Easter eggs and they don't really remember the importance of Easter. Some people say that Easter hasn't lost its religious meaning. They say this because people still go to church processions on Good Friday, they eat hot cross buns and fish on Fridays. Children still enjoy decorating Easter bonnets with lost of different coloured eggs, bows and ribbon ...read more.

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