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Has science made the Bible a useless document?

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"The Bible has been disproved by scientific theories and is therefore a useless document". Discuss (5) Most Christians' agreement or disagreement with this statement would depend on whether they were literalist Christians or non-literalist Christians, but what both these groups would agree on is that although the Bible may or may not have been disproved in part by scientific theory, this most certainly does not make it a useless document. Literal Christians would say that the Bible has not been disproved by science, and the events which are written about are completely true and are taken from real life. Although these may seem impossible to our limited human knowledge, as God is omnipotent he can make the seemingly impossible happen. ...read more.


However, other people might argue that as scientific theories which are now widely accepted to be fact, such as evolution, contradict the Bible in many places, the rest of it cannot be trusted to be accurate and therefore as it has no historical or scientific accuracy it is a useless document. Taking my previously mentioned example of evolution, as science has proved through the discovery of fossils and Darwin's theory of evolution, the world as we know it would have taken millions of years to be formed, not be created in 6 days as the Bible states in Genesis, saying in Chapter 2 verse 2 "by the seventh day God finished all the work he had been doing, so He rested from all his work". ...read more.


Any document which gives comfort to people when they need it, and which they depend upon, can never truly be described as useless; just because it may not be of use to the whole world does not make it useless to individuals or small groups of people. Take as an example the diary of Anne Frank, which was a comfort to her in her own times of need and is now used as a real-life example of the difficult conditions families lived in during the Holocaust. This would not be considered a useless document, although at one time it was merely a young girl's escape from the monotony of her everyday life, and neither can the Bible be considered to be useless. ...read more.

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