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"Healing miracles do not happen today." Do you agree? Give reasons to show that you have thought about different point of views.

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C) "Healing miracles do not happen today." Do you agree? Give reasons to show that you have thought about different point of views. I disagree, as I believe that miracles do happen today. I believe that a miracle occurs to each person at least once in his or her life. It has happened in the past, why not now. Jesus performed miracles so that indicates that miracles do exist, miracles need faith for them to be made possible and faith leads to hope. The greatest impact made by Jesus was through his miracles, which defeated the great evil of disease and sickness. God intervened and made miracles possible through Jesus, so God can still intervene in the world today. Christians believe in the bible and that miracles need faith, nobody can take a person's faith away from them because they will always have that sparkle of hope and faith in God somewhere in their hearts. Some people think that miracles only happen in sacred holy places such as Lourdes in France were our lady appeared to a young lady called Bernadette for the first time in 1858. In Lourdes a trust called the HCPT- Handicapped children's pilgrimage Trust is a catholic trust which parents raise money to send their children, and people to go to this pilgrimage that goes to Lourdes. ...read more.


They will place their hands on the sick people, who will get well." (Mark 16:15-18) How can scientists explain a crying statue, here is an article: "A six-inch-high porcelain statue began weeping tears of blood. The liquid staining the image is genuinely blood, and human at that. The Santiago coroner's office pronounced the substance is type O-4 human blood. The statue weeps regularly, particularly in the presence of children." (Source: The Guardian, UK, 4 December 1992) It was confirmed by doctors attached to the police Criminal Investigation Department that the mysterious red liquid, which flows from the eyes of a statue of the Virgin Mary belonging to a Chilean woman, is indeed human blood. It was stated by Dr Inelia Chacon that three samples of the liquid examined in a laboratory were shown to be blood. The small blue and white porcelain statue belongs to Olga Rodriguez, a housewife from the working class La Cisterna district in the south of Santiago. Since 14 November, when the tears of blood were seen for the first time, the modest home of Mrs Rodriguez has become the main attraction for residents of the district. The Church has refused to take up a position concerning this strange phenomenon. (From: L'Impartial, Switzerland) ...read more.


Dr Michael Hnat said the birth went really well. "I just hope one day she wakes up to see her baby and hopefully remembers being pregnant," he said. Doctors say the accident only affected Mrs Cooper's brain, physically she remains healthy. I found this article while I was in the Internet. This is not a miracle as the Scientists had the technology to save the baby girl. The mother was very unlucky but the doctors helped the child by injecting minerals and using all the technology that they could use to help the child survive. If the doctors wouldn't of helped, we wouldn't know if the child would of survived or died. Christians would have probably said to trust in God, but if we have the technology, it is better to save the child's life rather that wait and see what fate she would have had. It is very difficult to choose if miracles do not happen today or if they do. We should have faith in God and then he will make a miracle occur to a real follower, to a person who has a very strong faith in him, but on the other hand miracles do not happen today as we have the technology to help us heal people and the scientist who can explain very unusual happenings. ...read more.

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