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Healing Miracles do Not Happen Today. Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view. You must refer to Christianity in your answer.

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Healing Miracles do Not Happen Today. Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view. You must refer to Christianity in your answer. A miracle, as we have already discussed, is something supernatural, an intervention with nature. Some people may find it hard to believe that they do happen, which is understandable, however faith allows us to believe that a divine intervention has been made by God. Some find it difficult to accept how some are miraculously cured and others, despite their extreme faith, are not. It is not possible to answer this, as nobody knows what a miracle really is or how it happens, yet we just have to believe and have faith and maybe someday the questions will be answered. A miracle is in the eye of the beholder. ...read more.


To be canonised, a saint must have performed three healing miracles. The church examines all of the miracles; they must be beyond human or medical explanation and are then accepted as long as the cured person does not relapse into their condition again. Catholics believe that there are such things as miracles because they believe in the Gospel stories and have faith in Jesus. As the church have a specific criteria of what exactly a healing miracle is, it is possible for them to define what a healing miracle is, yet in everyday life, people have so many different ideas as to what exactly a healing miracle is that it is very hard to decide for us what is and what is not. This could be why so many people do not actually believe in healing miracles. Personally, I believe that they do happen. A miracle is divine, violating the laws of nature; God has intervened in this world. ...read more.


You mustn't stop doing something just because you are not gaining something from it. What we must understand is that the whole thing is so very complicated, there are so many factors involved; it is so difficult to judge as we have never experienced or seen a miracle as the church does. In 1922, Marie Bigot fell ill, and in 1952, she was cured in Lourdes of a brain hemmerage, in 1954 she could hear again and later that year, she could see clearly. The church is very reluctant to say that a miracle has taken place. The cure must be sudden, unforeseen and permanent. Some believe that lots more miracles do happen, but are unforeseen by the Church. These people could have been spiritually healed. Miracles are a sign given to few, but addressed to all. Healing does happen today, but not the kind that we necessarily expect. Real miracles are those that heal our relationship with God. Real miracles happen inside each one of us and are just too great, too awesome to truly understand. ...read more.

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