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'Healing miracles do not happen today.' Do you agree?

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c) 'Healing miracles do not happen today.' Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have though about different points of view. You must refer to Christianity in your answer. The question of whether healing miracles still happen today, is one, which divides Christians greatly in matter of opinion. Some Christians find the healing miracles in the Bible very hard to accept, and because of this they feel that miracles today do not happen. The intervention of modern science has also helped to hinder their views on miracles. Scientists today seem to have an explanation for everything and reasons for phenomenal events that happen, so as to not label them as 'miracles'. But other Christians believe that God has the power to do anything that he wants, and this includes the of working miracles. They are signs that happen today to show that God is still amongst his followers and there to help them, as Jesus was in the Bible miracle stories. Both Charismatic and Pentecostal Christians strongly believe that miracles still happen today. Their main emphasis is on the work of the Holy Spirit and being baptised in the Holy Spirit motivates them. ...read more.


It could just be that her sight had already begun to improve, and this was just part of the healing process, not an actual miracle as such. Christians today go on pilgrimages to holy sites that have been known for miracles happening there, such as Knock in Ireland and Lourdes in France. But Lourdes is especially known for it's healing miracles. Drinking water from the fresh springs is said to have miraculous healing properties. Especially people who are ill and sick visit Lourdes, to pray for a cure at the Grotto, where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared, and take part in the healing services that also take place there, or be anointed with oil. Here is a report from a newspaper article about a man who was healed at Lourdes: 'Joseph Charpentier (59) had been wheelchair-bound for 19 years when he came to the grotto at Lourdes to pray for a cure. During the healing service he was anointed with oil, ten minutes later, to quote his own words: 'I felt a great warmth rise from my feet to my heart.' He returned to his village pushing his wheelchair. ...read more.


Christians believe that a miracle is more than someone doing something that is unexpected of them, it is inflicted by God and has to be surprising and astonishing. Overall, I believe that healing miracles do happen today to a certain extent. Being a Christian myself, these miracles show me a sign that God is still doing his good will on earth, and is still there for his followers. Modern science has not been able to conquer all the diseases in the world today, so who can say that healing miracles do not happen today?. However, I do not necessarily believe that spiritual healing is a miracle. This would mean that anyone in the right frame of mind could overcome illness, and this would not be due to God's intervention so therefore non-miraculous. I also believe that long-term healing supposedly triggered by God is not miraculous. Long-term healing is more linked to the healing process when someone recovers from an illness, but instant healing is more surprising and other explanations can be rarely found for them. These are my views on whether healing miracles happen today, although I appreciate the fact that other people, including Christians, might have different views to mine. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zara Leduc RS coursework ...read more.

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