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Healing miracles do not happen today

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"Healing miracles do not happen today" Agreement with this opinion depends very much on what one calls a miracle. I would consider the first heart transplant a miracle and I would also consider life a miracle. This is because of the idea that God creates everything on the earth, and that in itself is a clear miracle. Therefore, yes, miracles do still happen and will continue to do so until the end of the earth. But many people would disagree with my view simply because it is too vague. One reason why many people think that miracles do not occur today is because of a change in the perception of what a miracle is. ...read more.


A miracle is something that contradicts science, and throughout modern history we have witnessed human medical advances that, at the time, have completely contradicted the stated views of the time. Yet these feats have not been recognised as miracles simply because they do not seem the product of a supernatural force. This explains why many people do not believe in miracles any more. Healing miracles do happen all the time. If you enter any modern hospital then you will witness many miracles taking place. Some people, however, believe that these miracles come about from advances in technology and not from God. Technically they are right, but we could also say that these technological advances were a clear result of God's inspiration in human beings. ...read more.


This is clearly a supernatural miracle which happened very recently and proves that healing miracles do still happen today. Another way of looking at the actual miracle workers is that, just as Jesus was a great worker of miracles, so are the doctors and healers of today. We could see Jesus as the first great healer who has gone on to influence countless others to become "miracle workers", or doctors. This approach to miracles would imply that doctors are as powerful as Jesus, but this assumption would be erroneous, as doctors do not have complete power over life and death while Jesus did. Therefore the miracle workers of today could be seen as people spreading the message of the kingdom of God, the message of love and salvation, just as Jesus once did. ...read more.

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