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Hindu teachings on marriage and divorce: they believe that sex is a gift from god, but they think it should only happen in marriage

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Religion and Life - The main features of a Hindu upbringing are: shrine in the home, daily puja with family, going to temple, children going to Hindu Sunday school and celebrating festivals at home and at the temple. - Numinous: feeling of the presence of something greater than you, for example when you are in the temple or when you are praying. - Conversion: feeling that there is something inside you wanting you to change your life and be more committed to your religion. - Miracle: if a miracle happens in ones life, it must be through god. A belief that your prayers have been answered will start thinking that there is a super power that has helped you. - Mystical: experiences were you feel that you have been in contact with god, by having a trance or having a vision. - experience of the world and belief in god: the way DNA is carefully structured, a tiny fertilised human egg is the blueprint for an adult human being, the big bang and how it was designed in timing and size, laws of gravity and nature of matter that human life was going to evolve. - Religion itself is evidence for god's existence: idea of god as creator, possible to get in touch with god, moral rules for religions, miracles and visions and prayer. - Evil and suffering are linked together because evil is wrong and most people think it is wrong for people to suffer. Usually evil causes suffering e.g. I do wrong by hitting someone with a bat, my evil action will cause their suffering. - Moral evil: actions done by humans, which causes suffering, - Natural evil: things which cause suffering but have nothing to do with humans e.g. earthquakes, tornadoes etc. - Omnipotent: means that god is all powerful. - Benevolent: belief that god is god and kind. - Omniscient: belief that god knows everything that has happened and everything that is going to happen. ...read more.


- Hindus and moksha: doing duty through stages of life (4 ashrams), devotion to god and meditation (yoga). - moksha means not to be reborn on this earth and to stay in gods kingdom forever. - Christians have two basic concepts about life after death: resurrection and immortality of the sold. - Resurrection: a time in the future on judgement day the dead will be brought back to life (raised and will be given an immortal body). - Immortality of the soul: believe that humans have a body and a soul, which survives death, and after death goes to a spiritual place where god is. - Some people believe that god will raise everyone from death ab =d their judgement will be given. Those who pass the judgement will go to heaven those who fail will go to hell. - Sanctity of life: Hindus believe that all life is sacred because all souls are immortal. The souls of all living creatures are one and the same as the eternal Brahman; therefore to take life is to hurt Brahman. To respect all life is to respect god. - Abortion: the termination of a foetus. - Infanticide: killing a baby after birth. - Abortion on demand: women being allowed abortion on demand without any questions asked. - Many religions and antiabortion groups such as life believe that life begins as soon as the male sperm and female ovum combine. Some people believe that life begins as the baby begins to move in the womb and some believe that a foetus becomes a human being when god implants the soul and life becomes sacred. - in abortion the mothers life is at risk, the risk is injury to physical or mental health. There is substantial risk that the baby might be seriously handicapped. - Some Hindus totally oppose to abortion in any from and others use the theme of Ghandi and ahimsa. ...read more.


weekly assemblies, started Akshar IT centres, metropolitan police used the temple as a launch pad and annual careers open day held at temple provides careers advice to 1200+ students. - Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj is the 5th spiritual successor of Lord Swaminrayan and present leader of BAPS. He leads an austere life of lifetime celibacy with out personal wealth and comfort. Hid humanity, wisdom and simplicity have touched all. His love for god rises beyond all borders of nation religion and race. - UK is more of a multi faith community than any other faith community in the European Union, and religions within it show strength and vigour. - Prior to WWII there used to be a few people who followed a religion other than Christianity in the UK. - People from west and east largely Christian came into the UK in 1960 and in 1970 people from Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Hong Kong followed. Later people from Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. - This led to the growth of Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs in the UK. - Hinduism does not have a problem in accepting that everyone has the right to worship freely. The god they believe is one and is found through the teachings of different religious figures and gurus. Reasons for prejudice: - Pride and selfishness: thinking of only your self or self interest, failing to consider the needs for others due to jealousy of other people. - Fear: being uncertain of the implication or others, being afraid of what might happen in you help or talk to other races. - Anger: reacting after some event or unpleasant experiences, previously with a particular group of people or a person. - Ignorance: not wanting to know the facts. - Parental or peer pressure: accepting the views and attitudes of others without finding the facts. - Mahatma Ghandi leader of Hindus community who believes strongly in non-violence and preached non-violence into all race, believed that to achieve any results you should d be non-violent. ...read more.

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