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Hinduism is one of the few religions who believe in many gods, this is called polytheism and most other religions are monotheistic.

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´╗┐HINDU GODS Hinduism is the oldest religion out of the 6 major world religions. They have as I have said below many gods; there festivals are colourful and joyful. Hinduism is one of the few religions who believe in many gods, this is called polytheism and most other religions are monotheistic. Polytheism is the belief in multiple gods (deities); one religion that follows this belief is Hinduism. They have many gods but they believe that Lord Brahman is just one way of seeing all of the Hindu gods. All these Gods are just Lord Brahman in one from of his avatars. Not many religions believe in this as many believe in one God. Hinduism is the oldest religion and is the one of the only few who believes in many Gods. In this case Hindu?s believe there are millions of gods, one for each aspect of life, however there are about 20-25 main gods they worship. There is some thing called the Trimurti. ?Murti? is the word to describe the gods or images of them and ?tri? meaning three. The Trimurti is a triangle of gods who considered to be the 3 main powerful deities. ...read more.


Rama was in exile in the forest with his wife, and one of his brothers Lord Lakshama. One day when Rama was in the forest he met a lady, who was actually the sister of the evil King Ravana, he had to use special powers to stop her seducing him. Ravana lured Rama away from the protection of Sita, and Lakshama went also with him but drew a protective circle around her. Ravana was disguised as a wise man and gave Sita food and then captured her. Rama and Lakshama went to rescue Sita on their long journey they joined up with the army of Monkeys who?s leader was the great Hanuman. They worked together and killed Ravana and rescued Sita, but at great cost as many soldiers died. When they went back after a few years to his Kingdom, Kosla. Bharata, his youngest brother welcomed back with a spectacular view, every house had a diva lamp and this how the festival of Divali came to pass. Most Hindu?s believe that male gods are powerless without the female goddess?s. with more than 200 million gods in Hinduism, there an equal number of goddess and male gods. ...read more.


Matsaya ? giant fish god 2. Kurma ? a tortoise god 3. Varha ? a boar god 4. Nara Sinha ? a half man and half lion 5. Vamana ?a dwarf god 6. Parashurama ? known as Rama with a axe 7. Rama ?a great prince 8. Krishna ? a prince who had many adventures 9. Buddha ? a prince who started Buddhism 10. Kalaki ? who is the avatar who will come in the ?age of darkness? Hinduism is very different from other religions such as Judaism and Islam. First of all other religions have a leader who is linked with other leaders of other religions, such as Abraham who is linked with Jesus and Muhammad. They are the leaders of monothesestic religions also they normally don?t pray to statues but in Christianity they sometimes pray to Jesus on the cross. In the case of Islam they have to pray 5 times a day but one thing all the religions have in common is that they have a place of worship. Hindu?s pray to statues in a temple, they have a pundit who chants mantras at times and gives what is called ?prishard? or in english a kind of offering from the temple, it is normally sweet things and they are given to people who came and pray to the gods. ...read more.

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