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Holy Communion and Worship.

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RE Coursework: Holy Communion and Worship David Wilson 10E Candidate Number: 9131 A01 At mass, we as Christians re-create the Last Supper between Jesus and his Disciples before he was crucified. This is a central feature of many churches but it is not so important for many of the 25,000 denominations of Christianity. The Last Supper, which was performed by Jesus, was in fact a Passover meal that Jewish people celebrate to commemorate the escape of Moses and the Jews from Egypt. The Passover meal was celebrated as normal, but Jesus told his disciples that the bread and wine were in fact his body and blood, which would be sacrificed to save mankind from sin. The Christian faith has many names for this celebration, which includes Mass, Eucharist, Holy Communion, the Lord's Supper, Liturgy and the Breaking of The Bread. Whilst the name is different, the belief is the same; it reminds us of Jesus' sacrifice upon the cross. As well as this one unified idea, the outlook of the various denominations of Christianity varies quite a lot. ...read more.


The Mass itself is often a straightforward service but in their celebration there is less emphasis on the Holy Communion and more emphasis on the bible and the word of God. A02 Holy Communion is spiritual food for the soul. It provides us with the initiative to carry out the work of God. It fills us with the Holy Spirit, and allow us to do God's work. The Priests of the Roman Catholic Faith back this up, when they say at the end of mass, 'Go in peace to love and serve the lord', which is giving us a subtle hint to do God's work. To love and serve the lord includes making many big sacrifices. This is shown in the story of the widow at the treasury, (Mk 12:41-44) when he pointed out that the woman who gave probably all the money she had had given a lot more than the fat cats who gave their spare change. Jesus also points this out in the story of the rich man, (Mk 10:17-27) ...read more.


Yet, many people believe that work should be done on a Sunday, for Jesus himself actually did work on the Sabbath, as in the story of the man with the paralysed hand (Mk 3:1-6). People may also argue that only certain types of work should be done on a Sunday, like Jesus said 'is it better to help or to harm?' So in theory, only work that is for a greater good should be done on a Sunday. In a way, Jesus was teaching that only work that is for a greater good should be done on God's Holy Day In my opinion, work shouldn't be done on a Sunday if it is for the sole purpose of making money. Jesus taught that money is not needed to obtain eternal life with God. The Old Testament also teaches that money is bad as in the commandments, 'Do not worship false idols' In other words, do not depend on something that you don't need, like money and gold. So, in conclusion, I believe that work should not be done on a Sunday unless it is going to be of a benefit to humanity. ...read more.

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