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Homelessness in U.K.

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Homelessness in U.K. Assignment Poverty and homelessness has been around the world for hundreds or even thousands of years. Even in the most isolated places, no matter what continent there will be poverty either in America, Europe, Asia or Africa the only difference is more, or less looking at the economy of that particular country. In the United Kingdom, homelessness is one of the largest concerns. During the late thirties and early fourties, poverty was a big concern especially with the world on the brink of world war two. Most people were out of jobs and did not have homes or shelters to live in. They had to live on the streets or at sanctuary camps. Housing and shelters would be always filled with needy people who needed a roof over their heads. Since then over 60 years have past by but homelessness and poverty has not changed very much as it should have for a lot of people. The conditions of the homeless in U.K. today are similar to the conditions that people had in the war torn country 60 odd years ago. While drugs and guns are the most common things that lead to homelessness today, poverty remains an uncontrolled problem that has only seen continued growth throughout the course of time. ...read more.


Most homeless people starve and do not eat for many days just like in the 30s and 40s. Housing is another issue to homelessness because there are not that many homes in the country to support all the homeless people. In the 30s and 40s homelessness was a sad site because people would have to live in filthy shelters where they sleep with other people who most of the times smell terrible. Though homeless is an issue now in the U.K., it is far better than before, of course it's the 21st century after all. Here is an example of what homelessness feel like, the story I'm going to talk about next is as real as it gets, this is because the story is of a real person who once was homeless like lots of other homeless people. I'm not going to tell you the name of the person and her identity for obvious reasons, but this is a true story. Two things happened when she turned 12, her father who used to beat the hell out of her and her mother left home and the other thing that happened is she started using drugs soon after that. One of her friends said "Here try this it will make you feel better", and it did, but not for long. ...read more.


In the end it was like if she gets through the day then great, if she doesn't then it does not really matter, "no big deal" as she called it. "It's not like anyone's going to miss me whether I'm here or not". This was her story, as you can see it is very emotional but then at the end of the interview when I asked her what she now did for living, she told me that one day when she was walking along the empty dark alley ways, she met two young people around the age of 25, and told her they were from this charity were they try to provide homeless people with shelters and food. And so took her away, she went hoping for a new life. Overall she had nothing to lose and was convinced by this people and went with them and there, she was given a one bedroom house to live in and slowly but eventually she even stopped taking the drugs she was addicted to. And then finally trained her for a specific job and soon got her self a job. And until now these people have never stopped supporting her and she is now a working class young lady. Mohammed Panchbhaya ...read more.

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