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Homosexuality and the Church.

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Adesina Adedapo POW 112 Yvonne Kukielio 23/07/03 THE RESEARCH PROCESS: Homosexuality and the Church. "Is writing a spontaneous process? Or is it the result of detailed planning? Can one write without a research base of sources he or she can dip into or is research the pivot around which his creativity revolves? There are rules for research in writing. Research is educative, informative and enlightening. It invests the writer with the confidence that eggs him to go on writing .Research stands the test of time; it lends respect to one's writing and with time, to one's by-line." (Chatterji- http:www.poewar.com/articles/research.htm) Research has been an age long tradition in the quest for information and consequent presentation of such information appropriately. It is therefore, a task which should be treated with utmost urgency, in order to achieve the very best. The research process is a very tedious and time-consuming one, requiring a great deal of dedication with constant editing. It is a process which cannot be embarked upon without identifying and developing one's topic while also finding the necessary background information. If properly executed, the research process is one that cannot be equalled in the provision of detailed and reliable information. ...read more.


The Advocate journal of July 27, 2002 shed more light about the church's stance of disapproval of homosexuality among its lay faithfuls. This then means it would be more of an abomination from the Church's priests and religious who unlike the Anglican Priests have taken vows of chastity and celibacy. The comparison was then considered extreme due to the varying situations surrounding priesthood in these two religious institutions. However, the article titled, "THE DANGEROUS LIVES OF GAY PRIESTS" gave account of homosexual acts by Catholic priests, stressing its practice despite the widespread criticisms from the Church's hierarchy against the purported ordination of a gay bishop in the Anglican Church. Catholic Priests found to be engaging in any sexual acts are always dealt with accordingly. The punishments associated with these sexual acts in some cases go as far as expulsion. My research on this topic was therefore an 'eye opener' into the happenings in religious institutions where people tend to engage in acts far from what they what they proclaim. In order to remain focused in my paper then, less emphasis would be laid on this article in order not to lose focus on the research question, "Should a homosexual priest be ordained as a Bishop"? ...read more.


It would therefore not be surprising, discovering many new developments and views from the media in other sections of the world if only good research will be carried out. The influence of the media in expressing personal or local views is such a strong one, as discovered during my research, which only made me realise how to have a neutral approach as long as research is concerned. Some of these views were so different from my personal views that I wouldn't have even continued reading them if I were not carrying out a research. I have therefore learnt to be patient, to listen and to appreciate the view of others around in order to get the best and most detailed information in a research. On the whole, I was especially guided by the code from the University of Edinburgh's code of conduct for a good research which suggests: "In order to carry out a good research, there needs to be an honest acknowledgement of the contribution of others." I explored the view of all and sundry in this research acknowledged them in every respect and came up with several discoveries which I will always appreciate. Though tasking, it was by no means less interesting. 1 ADESINA ...read more.

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