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Honesty ia always the best policy? Discuss

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Honesty Is The Best Policy By Lewis Jolly Honesty is the best policy, but is it? Telling the truth can hurt peoples feelings and your relationship so why is it the best policy? Being honest has many benefits. In the Bible, it states many times that 'honest people are blessed' Psalm 112 surly this means that is you tell the truth it will come back to you in other ways. Another example of this point is in Psalm 112 'when a man is honest he will receive love and kindness' when the bible talks about honesty most of the time it talks about a reward, or a gift for telling the truth but is this always true? ...read more.


so if the wicked is telling me to lie and spare my friends feelings why is that so wicked? I believe that I would like to be told if I got a friend a present and they didn't like it so I could return it. But I would feel as if I have wasted my time, also If the gift is from abroad I wouldn't be able to return it so not only would it be a waste of time it would also be a waste of money. I believe that being honest in this case is just being selfish. ...read more.


One side of the argument says you should tell the truth and tell them that you don't like the gift that you have received on the other hand you have been given a gift and it doesn't matter how big, small, useful or useless it is; it is still a gift and you should treasure the fact that they have spent time and effort on you. I believe honesty is not always the best policy because on one hand you are being truthful and they will trust you but on the other you can really hurt their feelings. But you must always contemplate what is the best option, because you may be able tell the truth without hurting anyones feelings or hurting their self confidence. ...read more.

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