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How can the Beatitudes help Christian's relationships with each other?

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How can the Beatitudes help Christian's relationships with each other? God gave the Ten Commandments as guidance and direction for living. Right and wrong are clearly defined and His people could make their choice and hopefully obey Him. However, there is a second, even more important reason that God gave the Ten Commandments. God gave His Law to help people see that they could never live up to God's perfect standard. Ever since the Fall, men and women had been cursed with what is often called original sin. This means that no matter how much we try, we can never reach God's perfect standard. ...read more.


To take on not only the laws of God for humankind, but his very persona, through Jesus Christ. To view the Sermon on the Mount is to emphasise our utter helplessness and show, unambiguously, our total need of new birth in Christ. But Jesus' words, provide comfort and hope and blessing to those who are willing to walk with him. The Sermon on the Mount addresses much more than even these wonderful promises. Jesus deals with Fulfilment; Attitudes and Action; Freedom; and Right Relationships - often touching raw nerves as he speaks, gripping the issues which troubled the people then and are still relevant and acutely topical today the eight Beatitudes of our Lord do not speak so much of rules and ...read more.


'Happy are those are merciful to others. God will be merciful to them!' tells us that if we treat people with respect and compassion then God rewards us with the same. 'Happy are those who work for peace, God will call them his children' which is saying that if you live in peace and harmony without any conflict or destruction, then God will respect you and be extremely pleased that you are looking after his creations and protecting one another. Even if an enemy is insulting you or persecuting you, then you would not suffer alone. You are Gods follower, which means you should be happy and glad, for a great reward is kept for you in heaven. ...read more.

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