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How Christianity Is Protrayed In the Media.

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HOW CHRISTIANITY IS PROTRAYED IN THE MEDIA In this piece of coursework I am going to write an essay about how Christianity is portrayed in the media. I'm going to write about mainstream shows such as Songs of Praise and Paradise found. I am also going to write about how a Christian issue is dealt with on Eastenders which was Euthanasia. Then I am going to write about how Homosexuality is looked upon in the film Philadelphia. Finally I'm going to write about if Christian comedies are "out of touch" or "in touch" and I'll be analysing father Ted and the Vicar of Dibley Firstly the general content of Songs of Praise was hymn singing and interviews with Christian believers not only from a British background but from other cultures like Pakistani and Nigeria. It portrayed Christianity as a religion that is not only aimed at the white British but for everyone. It is also portrayed Christianity as a religion that the younger viewers can relate to. The programme was upbeat and enjoyable. However Paradise Found was aimed for older viewers because it was documenting relaxation and meditation, and the younger viewers don't really need it. ...read more.


But I think the bad aspect of the show is that it favoured euthanasia because writers chose in the end for Ethel to commit euthanasia. They also let Dot who is Ethel's friend who is a strong Christian be convinced by her arguments and help Ethel commit euthanasia. I think that during this episode the producers were trying to help people cope with euthanasia. This is because even thought they did favour euthanasia they did give out other choices. They did this by bringing Ethel's doctor to her goodbye party to talk Dot about the choices Ethel had. The Christian teachings clearly say that life is sacred and that you can't take someone else's life or yours either. The programme did reflect the Christian view but briefly when Dot was talking to Ethel about what Christianity thought about euthanasia. This issue was dealt with a sensitive way because they didn't want to give the wrong message out to the viewers. They were reminding the viewers that there were other choices apart from euthanasia. This episode will have positive influence on the viewers telling them that there are other ways to cope an impending death. ...read more.


The reason it is old fashioned because the population is quite religious and it really doesn't deal with today's issues. However the Vicar of Dibley is also a comedy but it is a more modern than father Ted. It could even be that is more "in touch" than father Ted. The motive that led to call the programme the Vicar of Dibley is because deals with today's like the amount of sexism is the churches. The examples do show that the statements are true because it just tells you the truth about the two programmes and whether they are "in touch" or not. I personally think that religion is portrayed in two ways in the media. The first way it's portrayed is that it's a religion the follows the teachings of one book (the bible) and that it has no answers to any problem that any of us faces today. However the second way it's portrayed is as a religion that is changing everyday and becoming a religion that you can rely on for your every needs and a religion that is able to answer your problems. ...read more.

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