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How Christians Interpret And Celebrate The Last Supper Today

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How Christians Interpret And Celebrate The Last Supper Today Akshay Bhutiani Holy Communion is very important in Christian worship. This is the occasion on which the priest distributes bread and wine. This is one is of the seven Sacraments. A Sacrament is a physical act with a spiritual meaning. It takes the form of a ceremony intended to reveal and to give a greater sense of closeness to God. The spiritual meaning of Holy Communion is togetherness with God and each other. During Holy Communion the priest takes the bread and wine, gives thanks to God, breaks the bread and then gives them to the worshipers. This is known as the Fourfold Eucharistic actions. Eucharist means thanksgiving. So the Eucharist or Holy Communion exists for Christians to be thankful to God for his Son, Jesus saved men from sin by giving himself as a sacrifice on the cross. The breaking of the bread symbolises the breaking of Jesus' body on the cross and the wine represents the blood shed by Jesus on the Cross. The bread and wine not only remind Christians of Jesus' death, but also of his resurrection. ...read more.


So they believe that by taking part in the Holy Communion they are bringing themselves closer to God. Roman Catholics believe in transubstantiation. This means that they believe that all things are made up of accidents and substance. Accidents are the physical appearance of the thing whereas substance is the underlying, invisible essence that makes the object what it really is. So therefore the Roman Catholics believe that this is relevant to the bread and wine as well. So they think that when the Priest consecrates the bread and wine, their substance changes transforming the bread into the body of Jesus and the wine into His blood, but their accidents remain the same. Many Anglicans and Orthodox Christians tend to regard this explanation as rather unlikely and believe in real presence. Real presence signifies Holy Communion as a symbol, but does not define it any further. These Christians believe that Holy Communion commemorates the last supper and crucifixion, but Jesus is present both in the heart of the worshipers and in an undefined way, the bread and wine become special spiritual symbols of that presence. ...read more.


In the Methodist Church ordinary bread is used. A minister leads Communion. At Anglican, Orthodox and Catholic Eucharists alcoholic wine is used. Among Methodists, Baptists and others, some of whose members do not drink on principle, unfermented grape juice is used. In Roman Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox Churches the services are elaborate. The priests wear special robes (albs and chasubles) and there are special containers for the bread and wine (patens - a shallow dish, and chalices - a special wine cup). There are decorative cloths over the altar. Non-Conformist Churches have simple services with a table instead of an altar and there are no special robes or containers for the elements. Methodist Churches tend to hold Communion once or twice a month. Catholic Churches hold Communion once a week. Anglican churches celebrate Holy Communion once a week. Jesus' action in the Last Supper and on the Cross reveals a truth. Any truth about God is eternal. Therefore what Jesus did on the Cross (and at the Last Supper) is something that is always true of God: He sacrifices Himself for His creation. So through the Eucharist, the sacrifice of Jesus is made present to the worshiper, in other words the worshiper is present at the eternal sacrifice of Jesus. This is called Anamnesis. ...read more.

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