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How Do Christians Involve Themselves In the Abortion Debate?

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HOW DO CHRISTIANS INVOLVE THEMSELVES IN THE ABORTION DEBATE? Christians rely a lot on their religious leaders, the bible, their culture, their family and their conscience. Sometimes people that have been brought up religiously can be pressured by their family or culture to believe certain things. Abortion for Christians involves their basic belief about god being the creator of life. They believe no one has the right to destroy one of God's creations. In the bible, there is a commandment "thou shall not kill". Many Christians believe life begins at conception. Therefore, this means that abortion is murder to them. They don't believe that the foetus in the womb is just a few cells put together and has the only potential to be a human. They believe the foetus in its mother needs its mother for protection and food and so does a newborn baby who is still dependent on its mother. If it is morally wrong to kill a newborn baby who is still dependent on its mother, still feeding from her, then it is equally wrong to kill the same life inside the womb. ...read more.


(1) Active euthanasia is a different way of saying (to take your own life). This used to be a criminal offence to attempt this. Nowadays there is a lot more sympathy towards people that feel the need to commit suicide. A famous organisation called the Samaritans has a help line for suicidal people. If people feel the need, they can phone a trained volunteer who is non-judgemental and compassionate. They believe that suicide is most commonly attempted by people when they are lonely and vulnerable. Therefore, if they were given someone to talk to like a Samaritan they might change their mind about ending their life. An example of active euthanasia could be when someone has just become bankrupt and has so much pressure on him he decides to end his life. (2) Compulsory Euthanasia means a non-voluntary decision. When someone makes a decision, if a person should live or die, without their consent. An example is a boy falls and is so critically damaged he is put on a life support machine, if he is kept alive he will suffer pain for the rest of his life and will be brain damaged and is not going to be able to ...read more.


I think its fair to say that its possible for Christians to use the same arguments for euthanasia as they do about abortion because both issues are about taking a life, taking away pain, and suffering. Christians can argue again that you should not destroy Gods creations; Christians against euthanasia try to hijack the moral high ground. They believe suffering is a part of gods plan and prepares your soul for eternity. Christians for euthanasia say it is relieving someone from pain and suffering as they argue the same for abortion. They would argue to kill would be an act of mercy, not murder. They also say why are doctors allowed to interfere by playing god, by saving people lives but you cant let someone go and take away the rest of someone's painful and sufferable life. Even though when doctor sign up to be a doctor they promise to reduce suffering. They can also say that abortion is legal and the mother has the right to end a perfect life but euthanasia is not and people aren't allowed to end damaged lives. Why does the states law change as soon as the embryo leaves the women's womb because abortion is accepted, but when out of the body the ending of suffering is considered as murder. ...read more.

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