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How do Christians observe Sunday? Explain the differing approaches of Christians today.

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Name: Danielle Carolan Candidate number: School: BUCHS Centre number: 16127 Date completed: 8th October Q.1 How do Christians observe Sunday? Explain the differing approaches of Christians today Christians observe Sunday in many different ways. The Christian "Sabbath" is on a Sunday because it is the day on which Jesus rose from the dead (Mark 16: 1-2). It is seen as the first day of the week and is kept as their holy day - unlike Jews who keep Saturday as their Sabbath, the day of rest. Many Christians see Sunday as the day of rest, for in the forth commandment it says that the day should be holy and set aside for God. Also Gods will is for one day to be set aside for us to rest. ...read more.


It is also a good day to visit the elderly and your relatives. Other Christians see Sunday as a personal time for prayer and reflection. They see it as a day to look for guidance, to contemplate - The 'Eternal rest' that is waiting for us. This can be done in their own thoughts and prayers or in bible study either at home or at Church. For Christians, Sunday is a day of worship, a day to praise God. Christians attend Church on a Sunday in order to come together and praise God, receiving support and encouragement from each other. Most Christians believe that they should obey Jesus' command to receive the bread and wine in memory of him. ...read more.


Some Christians may visit the sick and do charity works; for example groups like The Salvation Army. Some Christians work on a Sunday in hospitals, fire stations etc and therefor worship God in a different way. For example, by going to Saturday evening mass for Catholics. If you are a member of The Church of Scotland then you are not supposed to work or travel on a Sunday. You are supposed to go to Church, visit family or rest. These are called orthodox Christians. The Sunday Observance Act of 1677 was intended for the nation, a Christian nation, to be able to keep Sunday holy. As I have stated, many Christians observe Sunday in different ways, but as long as you do your part - as little as it may be and give apart of your time to God, then you are carrying out the Sunday Observance Act. ...read more.

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