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How do christians put their beleifs about abortion into action

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Question 2 Question 2: How do Christians put their beliefs about abortion into action? The large majority of Christians believe that there is no justifiable reason to consider abortion. Small parts of the Christian community have different opinions to this subject, such as the church of England believe that abortion can only be performed in excessive cases whereas the roman catholic church believes that is never acceptable to use abortion, no matter what the conditions. There are many ways in which Christians put their beliefs into action and as abortion is a very controversial subject it is one which is expressed in as many ways as possible, this can be from giving information to the public in the form of books, articles, leaflets and the web. ...read more.


This is a great idea as it widens the idea of abortion to thousands of teenagers so that they can understand the consequences and have more of an idea to what they are doing. Another website is HOYWEB which works as friendly social networking site where people can talk, giving detailed advice to woman who have had, or are thinking of having an abortion. A large religious action for Christians is prayer. By praying they can ask god to look over the mother and ask to help her make the right decision. The mother can also pray to god to guide her through the hard decisions she must make. Many Christians hold debating groups (Source e) ...read more.


Another way in which Christians put there their beliefs into action is by writing. They can do this by writing articles, books and other forms of scripture that can be easily got by the public. The article "Choice busters" by Solana Larsen (source c), talks about the difficulties of having an abortion and all the church views, the purpose of this article is for the mother, after knowing all the facts, to make a fair choice on whether she should or should not go through with an abortion. Christians, overall, are very active when it comes to their belief on abortion as they help both the mothers who are going to have abortions and those who have already, and there is much support and information given to all people that are about to go through the process. ?? ?? ?? ?? Year 11 Coursework - Abortion Joe Mills 2008 1 ...read more.

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