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How do Christians put their beliefs about abortion into action?

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How do Christians put their beliefs about abortion into action? The pope once said that 'irrespective of circumstances or consequences an abortion is a intrinsically wrong action.' Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action by turning to sanctity of life, when Christians say this, they mean that they believe there is something special and holy about life and try to follow the meaning of sanctity of life by doing good to themselves and good to others. This means that Christians try to treat all kinds of human life with respect. One of the most important things that Christians are supposed to remember when they are making moral decisions is their belief that God is love, and that they should love on another like God has loved us. ...read more.


There are many groups, which are for or against abortion. Both LIFE and SPUC (society for the protection of the unborn child) are anti-abortion. LIFE helps single mothers raise their children and provide security and counselling. SPUC are similar but have a more radical approach. Free Choice is a Protestant group that aims to reduce the trauma and distress associated with unwanted pregnancy and to provide support for women. Christians for Free Choice do not actively promote abortion but believe that people will only be able to make informed choices through accurate medical information. Christians may join these types of groups if they wish to prevent people making the same mistakes as them, or if they want to live according to their beliefs or biblical teachings, or prevent people from what they see as sinning. ...read more.


The Catholic Church of England and Wales has condemned the availability of the pill to teenagers as "misguided and potentially dangerous." A curate began legal action over a late abortion on a woman who did not want a baby with a cleft palate. One of the Reverend claimed that the chief constable should have prosecuted the doctor for performing such an abortion. The unnamed woman was more than 24 weeks pregnant - the legal limit for terminations unless there is a risk of serious handicap. The fighter- Miss Jepson, 27, curate of a church in Chester, believes that a Cleft palate is not a serious handicap and wanted the law to prevent late abortions for "trivial" reasons. She fought here case through the court and won here belief on the case of unnecessary abortion. Although she was young, Miss Jepson fought for her Christian belief. Lara Mousley R.E Coursework YR11 ...read more.

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