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How do Christians respond to the variety of Christian festivals, how do we change? Festivals can affect us in many ways; they

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Festivals Coursework AO2 How do Christians respond to the variety of Christian festivals, how do we change? Festivals can affect us in many ways; they can affect our lifestyles, attitudes and behaviour. This can happen due to the example and teachings of Jesus. The first festival I will be looking at will be advent. Advent is a time for preparation, we think about how we too can prepare for the birth of Jesus. Just like John the Baptist prepared by baptising the people. We can do this by going to confession. This can change our lives because Christians believe that by going to confession our sins will be cleansed. So if a person has done something bad then they will feel less guilty because they have spoken to a priest about the sin they have committed and in addition to this God has also forgiven them therefore helping them even more. ...read more.


This then stops a person from hitting or verbally abusing another person. During these festivals we can give alms, this is when we give money to charity, this type of thing occurs around advent and lent. In school we choose charities like CAFOD (Catholic aid for overseas development), Nugent care (local), Zo�'s place, shoe box appeal and food hampers for the elderly. Firstly, this type of thing affects us in a good way, it helps feel better about ourselves because we are helping others-sheep and goats "when I was hungry you gave me food..." To give to charity we have to sacrifice things like less dinner or not to buy a C.D. or don't go to the cinema. This can change our behaviour because we might recognise what it is like to sacrifice something. In some cases we will find out what it is like to live in a poor state, for example we will find out the building of wells. ...read more.


We will learn about the creed and how our vows are based on this prayer- This means we will find out what it is like to join together and worship as a group, also we will think about the holy spirit and how the seven gifts of the holy spirit effected the disciples and enabled them to "go out and spread the word." This affects our behaviour because we can take encouragement to speak up against unjust things in society, for example, discrimination, drugs abuse, etc. Ascension is the festival were we reflect on how Jesus ascended to heaven to go and sit at the right hand of the father. This will make us think about how death is not the end and that one day we will all go to heaven. This should make us live our lives for the better. We have been taught on how we will be judged on three things: love and service to God, how we use our talents and how we treat others. ...read more.

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