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How do Christians respond to the variety of Christian festivals?-(

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AO2 Coursework How do Christians respond to the variety of Christian festivals?-(how do we change?) 14 marks There are many festivals for us to respond to and the first festival is Christmas. The festival of Christmas is a time when we remember the birth of Jesus and how he died for us. During Christmas and the time leading up to it we change our attitudes and behaviour towards people who are in need of help or care e.g. the poor. We do this by giving food to the school hamper or raising money for charity. We also change our lifestyles by doing things we normally wouldn't, like try to be more friendly towards people we may not like or just be more friendly in general. Even if the most we can give is only a little and we do it quietly it will still be the right thing to do. When we do this it is called giving alms. It is like the woman in the story of the widows offering, were she gave a little donation, but it was all she had. ...read more.


His gifts represented different things-gold(king of the Jews), frankincense(son of god)and myrrh(lamb of God). We can also reflect on how we can try to change our behaviour and attitude to follow his example more often in our own lifestyles. The main message of the Epiphany is that the gospel or 'good news' is for every nation. This message helps to change the way we treat people in our community who are usually discriminated against such as refugees or immigrants. Another message of the Epiphany is about treating people from other religions equally. This helps to change our behaviour and attitude towards people with different beliefs to ours, even if we do think there beliefs are wrong. My lifestyle has changed because of this festival by making me aware of the fact that people from other countries should be treated the same as you would want to be treated. The festival of Pentecost is another festival that changes our lifestyle, behaviour and attitude. The festival of Pentecost is when we remember when the disciples were afraid and hiding in a room and the holy spirit appeared to them as a roar of flames. ...read more.


During this festival we remember how Jesus ascended to heaven to go sit at the right hand of his father God . This makes think about death and that there is life after death because one day we will all go to heaven. This changes our lifestyle, behaviour and attitude because it makes us think about how we should live our lives for the better and make the most of life by trying to follow Jesus' teachings. We have been taught that one day we will all be judged on how we have treated others based on the teaching "when I was hungry you gave me food. When I was thirsty you gave me a drink." CAFOD are an organisation who believe that all people should be treated equally no matter what. They help third world countries by educating them and teaching them methods to produce their own food. They also build well and give them tools for things like farming and building. CAFOD educate the children about HIV and aids because they are common diseases in under-developed countries and it will reduce the risk of the children getting them. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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