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How do different groups interpret Biblical teaching on the handling of personal wealth?

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How do different groups interpret Biblical teaching on the handling of personal wealth? The Bible teaches that "the love of money is the root of all evil." There are many stories in the Bible involving rich people and their wealth and how they use it. In the Bible under the writings of Luke 6:19-26 there's the story of the poor man Lazarus and a rich man. The story says that the rich man indulged himself in the best types of food and was very wealthy. Lazarus on the other hand had nothing and he was happy with the leftover food that the rich man had and he only had the comfort of dogs licking the sores of his feet. One day both Lazarus and the rich man died. Lazarus ascended to the heavens while the rich man fell down to hell. The rich man asked God to send down Lazarus with just a drop of water to take away the burning sensation. God replied that why Lazarus should help him because when they were alive the rich man never helped Lazarus. The story teaches to share ones wealth with the poor and needy if you wish to go to heaven. Another teaching of the bible is from the writings of Matthew 6:19-31 teaching that there is no reason to store up on material wealth for it goes rusty, moth-eaten and it can get stolen by thieves. ...read more.


Every one of the Amish communities is different for every church and community has its own set of rules to follow, but at the base of these rules are the three verses that they base their beliefs on from the Bible. So even in their difference of their communities, the Amish are still very similar to each of their other communities. The Amish help each other get through hard times together, but do not help other people unless they are Amish. They do not give to the poor and needy or share with them because of their beliefs in the three verses. They only help and share with each other. When it comes to personal possessions, even there they have to follow rules. They can only earn money the way God would want to. They have to follow the rules of God. They also believe that modern day technology is evil and they do not use it. They are very old fashion when it comes to technology. The Amish are probably the most different religious group out of them. This is because they do not help others that are not in their community or religious group and they do not believe in technology. The Jesus Army base their beliefs on the New Testament. They follow the teachings of Christ and his disciples to the core. ...read more.


The Iona Community base their belief in Christianity on the whole Bible, like John Templeton. They live as a community and work together to earn money to aid the poor people in need. As well as giving money to the poor they also work with them in person, helping them in by any means possible. They are very approachable and are willing to help those who need it. As a community they are sharing an experience of the common life in worship, work, discussion and relaxation. Everyone in the community share their material wealth for they believe that their material wealth is a gift from God to everyone to enjoy. The Iona Community are not really rich in material possessions but no one in the community endures real poverty. They are similar to The Jesus Army in the means that they share everything they own with the members of the community and that they help people in person, but are different in the fact that everyone in the community share their objects not just certain members. I believe that the Bible teaches you to share your wealth and to help those in need if you want to pass into Heaven. I have found out that that all the different groups take this from the Bible but they do it in different ways; from helping each other as a community, sharing your wealth or helping people in person. ...read more.

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