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How do we know the External World is Real?

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´╗┐How do we know the External World is Real? I sit here, at the computer, writing this essay, and I think. Is the chair I sit on real? Is the computer I?m typing on real? What proof is there to say that i?m not just the figment of someone?s imagination? What if I?m dreaming it all, and when you finally die, you wake up. These are all questions which most would say are unanswerable. These questions might never be answered, but it is a philosopher?s job to try to decipher as much as they can, and to find out just how real reality is. ...read more.


If he was sitting in his chair, feeling the warmth from the fire on his face, he surely existed. ?Is the table in front of you real?? Your immediate answer would of course be yes, for you can sense it. You can touch it, if you drop your pen on it you can hear it, you can smell it, if you were to deprave yourself you could taste it, and the most obvious one is of course that you can see it. But is all this enough? Could we be being tricked into believing something real. A phrase which is often used without thinking is ?I couldn?t believe my own eyes?. ...read more.


He argued that you can only know something if you have sensed it yourself. You can not guarantee that something is real until you have perceived it. This is, in effect, destroying the idea of trust, faith and belief. No one has had personal experience of God, so how can he exist? If your parents tell you something, does that make it true? Whether we do or don?t exist, does it really matter? For me, I can have fun, I can learn, I can experience, so whatever a philosopher says, my life is real for me. There is no more proof than by me writing this essay in the first place. Maybe, these questions, are meant to stay unanswered, as if they were finally answered, and we found out we didn?t exist, would life be worth living. ...read more.

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