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How Does Achebe Show Two Different Cultures In 'Things Fall Apart'?

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How Does Achebe Show Two Different Cultures In 'Things Fall Apart'? Achebe's "Things Fall Apart" Shows us the huge cultural difference between Umuofian and western society. Many of the religious differences and the difference between the role of a man and a woman would not be widely acceptable for the Missionaries. The main Character in the novel is Okonkwo, a typical stereotype of the African people. Achebe does his best to show the reader that there is some reasoning behind is vicious nature. One custom of Umuofia that is very different from the Missionaries is the custom of marrying many wives. This is allowed, and even encouraged in the nine villages of Umuofia. In fact, the more wives a man has, the wealthier he is supposed to be. ...read more.


This shows the importance of religion in Ibo society. It is believed in Umuofia that your crops will fail if you do not pay respect to the earth goddess Ani. Modern Christians believe in only one god, who created the universe and everything in it, and they do not offer sacrifices to their god. In umuofia, there are many gods, butt there is one "supreme god", Chukwu, because according to Ibo religion, he made the world and all the other gods. Throughout the novel, faults are found in the beliefs of the Ibo by the followers of those beliefs. Christianity offers the Umuofia outcasts relief and acceptance instead of the Ibo culture, which only offers rejection and ridiculous customs in the eyes of the Christians. ...read more.


However his masculine side overpowers the caring side slightly, and hence he is resentful to show any care towards Ezinma and Ikemefuna, as he views that as the wrong thing to do. When Okonkwo kill's the messenger, he believes he is doing the right thing - What a "real man" would do in order to avoid the cultural change that the white man and Christianity were bringing to Umuofia. A Christian however, would most likely not have killed a man if put in the same position, "thou shalt not kill" is one of the ten commandments. Achebe shows us that there should be a middle ground where men and women can exist as equals, and there is a balance between Ibo culture and Christianity. If one cannot accept ones weaknesses, they will end up like Okonkwo and his father Unoka, a failure. ?? ?? ?? ?? Freddie Bell 10B ...read more.

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